Your destiny awaits . . . are you ready to step in?

There is something really amazing about the points in our life when we are ready to let go of an old way of being and birth something new. It may be shifting a dynamic within our relationships, bringing a creative project to life, changing our careers, launching a new program, writing a book, planning a soul-filled journey to a sacred site, or committing to a more intimate relationship with the divine.

As we prepare to step forward, bringing this idea, desire, or vision to life we are consciously choosing to cross a threshold and step onto the path of a new destiny. Your path of destiny is one of many possible life paths, it is a path you choose, and it definitely is not for the faint of heart.

You are one of the courageous women who chooses to walk the path of her destiny.

It is very possible you have faced this threshold before, and it is also possible that something held you back from across. Perhaps you told yourself one of these very common stories:

  • It’s not the right time.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I don’t know where to start.
  • I really need to finish ____ first.

I hear these stories from people so often . . . and guess what, they emerge over and over and over every time they reach this same threshold. If you can relate to any of these, you also know this is a pivotal time, a time when you are being presented with an opportunity to shed old stories, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns. It is a time to heal and finally cross that sacred threshold.

During your 60 minute shamanic healing phone session we will . . .

  • Dive deep clearing the energetic roots of the limiting beliefs that are creating struggle in your life.
  • Shed old stories, beliefs, and self sabotaging patterns.
  • Awaken a deep level of trust in your soul’s ability to bring your dreams to life.
  • Illuminate the pathway of your destiny.
  • Create a new and empowering story that inspires you to cross your next threshold and take action, bringing your dreams to life!

It is time . . .

Courageously step into your destiny with a Shamanic Healing Session.

60 minute Shamanic healing session (via phone or skype) $298

What people are saying about their shamanic healing sessions . . .

“Working with Lori in sacred Sedona was my reawakening!

Lori’s insight and loving presence held space for lifetimes of fear patterns to surface. I could see so clearly how reliving them was holding me back from expressing my true self.  Lori helped me to release those fears to the red rocks, and to fearlessly step into my intention: I AM FREE!”

Angela Bain

LifeSpa Wellness Center

“I have been working with Lori for over five years and my healing sessions with her are always powerful.  My latest session with her, however, has surpassed any other. Her intuitive and healing gifts have helped me to expand even further into my own potential. As always, a big heartfelt mahalo and Aloha to you Lori and all those blessed to worked with you!”

Sara Schroepfer

“I love Lori, Journey Jewels™ and all things this miraculous woman does! I’ve had transformational shamanic healing sessions, created ritual and ceremony with Lori, and I live in her jewelry! Whenever I open my treasure trove the first thing I gravitate to are her shamanic creations to empower me in my day. She is as soothing as she is inspiring and empowering!!!”

Tony Bergins


“I felt held throughout the process and now feel aligned with the elements to both support me and to birth what is next for me professionally and personally. It’s as though we brought order and structure to the next chunk of time ahead. I now have clear guides for each project, sacred land and journeys to come … Thank you so much!”

Cherry-Lee Ward

WOW. Lori blows my mind every time we do a Shamanic Healing Session. She knows how to get right in there, weave the divine magic within my soul, and pull forth just the right questions and inquiries to raise the roof of my consciousness to obliterate deep-seeded, old self-sabotaging patternings in the collective unconscious. This is very powerful work and I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to powerfully step into the next level of their sacred path and increase their lightness in this world to express your most true Self.

Lucinda Rae

Prosperity Branding

Now is the time to rise!


Lori A Andrus is a modern-day priestess and advocate for the soul. Weaving the transformational practices of ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, and sacred creation, Lori bridges the spiritual and physical worlds awakening women to their true inner brilliance.  Known for asking the right questions, Lori opens doors into unseen worlds connecting women with their inner wisdom in such a way that they take courageous action and embrace their destiny.

She is the creator of The Priestess Pathway® Program and the Priestess Pathway® Podcast where she empowers women to embody their most sacred self while stepping into and living their sacred path.

Lori holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. She is a Reiki Master, crystal oracle, and graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body Program. She has traveled extensively throughout Peru studying with high mountain shaman. A lover of road trips, Lori frequently embarks on personal pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the United States.