Mmm . . . I am just wrapping up a day that has been filled with rich, sacred experiences. Today was the Medicine Staff Sacred Creation Workshop. As we closed in ceremony I found myself in complete awe of the ways the divine was present and revealing itself to us throughout the day. From the visit of a bald eagle to found feathers and the energetic presence of loved ones.

Holding space for such experiences feels like a deep honor to me . . . and my heart is filled with so much gratitude for this opportunity. For me, this is what it means to live my priestess pathway . . . to share in this sacred way.

In this weeks Priestess Pathway Podcast I explore the 5th Agreement of the Priestess Covenant: Look at life from all perspectives. Every day, and every moment offers opportunities to step outside of what is familiar and comfortable and open our hearts to another way of seeing life. It’s not always easy, but as we do we begin to cultivate relationships of trust, respect, and love. This does not mean that we need to bend our truth or live out of alignment with it, instead it means that we honor the truth of others while lovingly standing in our own.

Companion audios (crystal message + guided meditation) can be found here:

Wishing you a magical week!

Shine Brightly!