Happy Friday!

Ahhh . . . I just enjoyed a couple of outwardly quiet days as the blizzard moved through this week. It was delightful. If that storm circled around you, I hope you are well, warm, and safe.

The thing I really appreciate about winter storms is how the outer world becomes still. Everyday sounds feel muted as the storm energy arrives, the winds gust around, and a thick blanket of snow covers everything. This deep silence creates space for listening within and attuning to our voice of inner wisdom and knowing.

Storm energy is wonderfully activating . . . and the message I felt with this one was about ‘Seeing in the Dark’.

This theme also emerged in the recent New Moon Message as iolite, the February crystal of the month, shared an invitation to see with all of our senses.

Years ago, long before I started exploring energy healing, I was an occupational therapist in the local school district. My primary focus was in the area of sensory processing and how that affects student learning. I looked closely at my students ability to process sensory information. I explored techniques for sensory integration and made classroom modifications to support learning. I really enjoyed this aspect of my work.

What I did not realize back then was how my work with sensory integration was preparing me to understand our senses in a far more nuanced way . . . intuitive development.

Don’t you just love it when things come full circle?

I think this is the beauty of personal and spiritual development . . . as we break free of outdated, external (and internal) boxes and expectations, we integrate all facets of self in unique and meaningful ways.

We feel liberated from what we once perceived as confining . . . and in that liberation, find the freedom to be our most authentic self.

Let’s sink deeper into this conversation in this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast. Listen to this episode in either video and audio format HERE:

Wishing you a joyful weekend!

with love, Lori

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