The snowy side of winter arrived this week with a full-blown blizzard. It was beautiful! I loved listening to the wind whistle through the trees a the snow fell so heavy it created a white out. At home, I felt cozy with candles lit and soft music playing. This winter storm created a gentle stillness my soul has been longing for.

There was a time when I was not delighted to see so much snow, but over the years my love for winter has grown. It’s a wonderfully introspective time that invites us to hunker down and spend time nourishing and exploring our inner landscape.

fresh snow on Crab Apples in the garden

The winter season creates a space for us to delve into the silent chambers of our thoughts and emotions. It’s a season of stillness, where the external world quiets down, allowing the inner landscapes of our souls to flourish. It is the perfect time to listen—to the gentle whispers of inspiration, to the wisdom residing within. As we honor what our souls have patiently held, we find ourselves in a dance with the creative process.

This recent deepening into winter has prompted me to explore how the seasons manifest in our creative endeavors. Each season brings its own energy, its own rhythm. Winter, with its introspective nature, encourages us to embrace the quiet, to nurture the seeds of ideas that have been patiently waiting to sprout.

In this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast I would like to invite you to join me in conversation about the interplay between the seasons and our creative processes. How does winter influence your creativity? What whispers does it bring forth? Let’s share our insights and experiences as we navigate the creative landscapes of the snowy season.

Listen in here:

Wishing you a joy-filled week!

much love, Lori

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