Have you ever had a really great idea that feels so brilliant you want to rush into action.  Only when you do, you feel overwhelmed and quickly lose your zest for the project.  Savor the momentThis has happened to me…more than once.  I’ve met with a brilliant idea only to see my own enthusiasm fade before it’s ever brought to life because I rushed to action before its natural time.

Every idea has its own cycle, and I’ve come to realize that when those moments arrive it is a time to pause and simply savor the opening, the connection to inspiration, and savor the experience of connecting with Spirit.

Imagine those moments as just that…being with Spirit…when you do, you will recognize them as a Divine Sweetness that truly must be savored.

I’ve discovered 3 steps to really Savoring the Sweetness and allowing the inspiration to be fully birthed.

1.  Pause & take in all of your surroundings…tune into where you are, who you are with, the weather, temperature, what you’re wearing, what do you smell, see, hear, what does your body feel…do not dismiss anything

2.  Take time to journal about the idea…note everything you experienced dNature Spirit Alteruring your pause…you may even feel as though you are right back in the moment, savor it.

3.  Create an alter.  An alter is simply a space where you place objects or items that honor your inspired idea.  It offers the idea its own sacred space to grow, bloom, and in its own time come to harvest.