a sacred space to nourish your soul and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Lori A Andrus Camping with T@B 400

Welcome beautiful soul,

The Sanctuary Circle is a sacred space to nourish your soul, cultivate an intimate relationship with your voice of inner wisdom, and connect with a like-minded community.

Each month you will be invited to . . .

– explore the crystal of the month and ‘in the now’ new moon messages.
– step into a live full moon ceremony.
– connect with others through community calls.
– weave sacred practice into your daily life.

Through ceremony, sacred practice, soulful reflection, and a vast resource library the Sanctuary Circle is a space for you to spend sacred time with you and explore how you relate to the moon cycles, seasons, and natural world. It is a space to open pathways of connection to your intuition, heal, create change, and amplify your light in the world.

As you spend sacred time with you, meaningful change unfolds quickly and you begin to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease.

It would be an honor and joy to journey with you. Join us.

much love, Lori

Nurture an Intimate Relationship with Your Soul.

The Sanctuary Circle is a sacred space to nourish your soul.

Flowing with the earth’s natural rhythms and cycles, you will awaken your voice of inner wisdom through soulful reflection, full moon ceremonies, new moon wisdom, and crystal messages. 

Each Month You Will Receive . . .

Virgo New Moon CTA - Sanctuary Circle

New Moon Wisdom Messages

On the new moon, you will receive a video from Lori sharing an ‘in the now’ message, crystal wisdom, and call to action that reflects the essence of that message. These inspiring, heartfelt messages are sure to inspire and keep you moving towards your goals and intentions.

Live Community Calls

Each month, we will gather for a live group call. During this time Lori facilitates a sacred practice and opens space for group mentoring. This is a potent time to receive Lori’s intuitive insight, ask questions, and share in sacred ways. These calls are designed to support you in navigating the current energy.

Lori A Andrus, Crystal Shaman in Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremonies

Step into sacred space with Lori each month for full moon ceremony. You will be guided into deep connection with yourself. These times will include sacred practice and an opportunity for Q+A. Each one will activate your soul and attune you to the natural rhythms of life.

You will also receive . . .

Lori A Andrus in Soulful Reflection Ritual

Seasonal Reflection Journals

Cultivate a deeper connection with your voice of inner knowing and truth through journaling prompts designed to support you in integrating the monthly energy.

Lori A Andrus, Crystal Shaman in Ceremony

Sanctuary Library

This robust space includes access to guided meditations, sacred practices, crystal wisdom, inspirational graphics to print and add to your altar, and seasonal insights. This library is a lovingly curated collection of materials to support you in your journey home to you.

Lori A Andrus, Crystal Shaman in Ceremony

Private Community Forum

Our Private FB Group is a sacred online space for you to connect with and meet other Sanctuary members. Here you will find like-minded souls looking to deepen their spirituality.

Your Membership Includes These Guided Meditations.

(a value of over $300)

Join the Sanctuary Circle

Embark on a Journey of Soulful Connection. Connect with the crystals and stones. Sink into ceremony. 

Your Membership Includes:

◊  Monthly Video New Moon Wisdom Message.

◊  Monthly Live New Moon Ritual + Community Calls.

◊  Monthly Live Full Moon Ceremonies.

◊  Seasonal Reflection Journals to take your experience deeper.

◊  Sanctuary Circle Private FB Group.

◊  Access to the Sanctuary Virtual Library which includes . . .
~ Guided Meditations
~ Seasonal Wisdom
~ Crystal Insights
~ Sacred Practices
~ Multi-day Journey’s for Soul Connection
~ Collection of Inspirational Graphics

- Pay In Full -


- Monthly Payments -

$98/month for 12 months

Lori is an amazing wisdom-keeper and beautifully channels deep messages while also having a brilliant playful spirit to keep things shining brightly.

The Sanctuary has become a rhythm in my life. I am able to sink in each month, attune to the monthly messages, and then bring the insights in full circle with the beautiful monthly ceremony.

Such a high touch with such little investment!

I am grateful for the Sanctuary Community and Lori masterfully being our guide!
Lucinda Rae

Come Home to You.

Hi, I’m Lori A Andrus.

Over the past two decades I have been deeply immersed in both the study and teaching of energy healing, earth based spirituality, and how to work with crystals and stones.

I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve shared a lot. I have learned a lot.

Throughout that time, one thing I have come to know is that prioritizing time for inner connection is essential for living a soul-led life.

As we consistently and joyfully show up for sacred practice, we cultivate the inner strength and courage to make the changes we’ve been wanting to make. We cultivate a trusting relationship with self and with spirit.

Lori A Andrus - Crystal Shaman
Lori Andrus - Crystal Shaman in Ceremony in Peru

In the Sanctuary Circle, you experience how to create your life in harmony with your inner wisdom and the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

Through full moon ceremonies you will enrich your spiritual connection.

The new moon wisdom messages will share an ‘in the now’ energy pulse that inspires you to take action towards your vision.

The monthly community calls create space to ask questions and receive personal intuitive insight.

And the resource library is a filled with guided meditations, reflection rituals, and other great info to keep you connected with you.

This year long journey will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and in flow with your soul.

You, my friend, are the most magnificent being you will ever know.

It is time to love up on you. It is time to rise into your wisdom.

Join us in the SANCTUARY CIRCLE, Today!

with love, Lori

Stand in Your Wisdom, Knowing, and Truth

Sink into Soulful time with you!

Open pathways of connection to your voice of inner wisdom and knowing. 

Benefits of Joining the Sanctuary Circle:

    • Make a meaningful commitment to your spirituality and sacred practice.
    • Develop your intuition.
    • Create trust in  your inner guidance so you courageously take inspired action towards your hopes, dreams, and visions.
    • Nurture healthy relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.
    • Cultivate the courage to let your soul lead in all areas of your life.
    • Move with the natural pulse of life.
    • Connect with ease, joy, and freedom into your day to day life.
    • Devote yourself to your unique path and the gifts you are here to share.
    • Align with your highest vision.
    • Create a life that is in deep alignment and devotion to who you are at soul level.
    • Connect with like-minded souls committed to living a soul-led life.
I cannot say enough great things about how the Sanctuary Circle has helped me be curious, be educated, and healed more.

Lori holds beautiful sacred space for myself and the other fantastic women (from all over) I have gotten to know throughout this process who have also held sacred space for me!

Lori, you are absolutely AMAZING at what you do!!!! Thank you!
Amanda List

Joyfully Share Your Light + Gifts with Others.

Inside the Sanctuary Circle

An inspiring, soulful, and easy to use space created just for you. 

Sanctuary - Leo New Moon CTA

Click on the video to play a sample monthly message. 

When you step into the Sanctuary Circle, you will receive instant access to the online temple. This space includes:


    • A beautifully created space that will both inspire and nourish you.
    • A mindfully curated library of sacred practices, crystal wisdom, guided meditations, and altar cards.
    • Seasonal reflection journals so that you can sink into conversations with your voice of inner wisdom.
    • Sacred practices to open pathways of connection to your soul.
    • A collection of graphics that you can download, print, and add to your altar to support you in staying connected with your intentions.
The community of women and ease of sharing, has helped me find my personal path and use my voice, in a way that I have never been able to before.
Sanctuary Member


What is the cancellation policy?

The Sanctuary Circle is a year long membership. Your enrollment is your agreement to honor this. 

If you choose to pay in full, this is a one time payment. 

If you are making monthly payments, you will be billed monthly on the same date as your initial purchase. All 12 payments must be made prior to the close of the journey.

There are no refunds. 

What if I'm not on Facebook, is there a way for me to still connect with other members?

Great news . . . we have added a second forum space!

The Sanctuary Circle has both a private forum as well as a facebook group. Both spaces are available for you to enjoy and connect with community.

What if I'm unable to make a live call?

Ahh, yes. This happens. 

Of course we would LOVE for you to be with us for each live gathering, and we understand that sometimes life has other plans. For those times, please know that all gatherings will be recorded and replays will be available within 48hrs. If you are unable to make a community call and have a question you would like to ask, you are welcome to post your question in the fb group and we will be sure to answer it live on the call. 

When will fresh content be available?

On the New Moon, you will receive a message from me with a link to an ‘in the now’ New Moon message and call to action. On the following Monday, we will gather for a community call where we will sink deeper into that message. This is a time for personal inquiry and shamanic mentoring.

On the Wednesday before the Full Moon, we will gather again for a community ceremony. 

Sacred time together is powerful. You will walk away from our community calls inspired and ready to take action towards your next step.

In addition to this, the Sanctuary Library is filled with amazing content to nourish you in many ways.

I've been walking a spiritual path for several years. Will the Sanctuary Circle be able to support me?

Great question!

And yes, Absolutely!

This membership is designed to support you in bringing your spirituality the front and center of your life. It is designed to support you in deepening your daily practices, building upon what you’ve already established, and inviting you to rise into your next epression in life.

As we walk a sacred path, it continues to unfold with opportunities to deepen our relationship with self, with spirit, and with all of life. We grow. We change. We evolve. This space is created and held for you to continue doing this.

Each month I will be sharing practical insights and tools to support you and enhance all of the yumminess you have already cultivated. Part of growing our practice (and staying on our path) is trying new things, experiencing different meditations, ceremonies, and rituals, as well as connecting with community. Spirituality is best cultivated when space is held and we come together. Join us!

I'm new to all of this stuff and have not yet established a spiritual practice. Will this help me?

Great question!

Yes it will!

This membership is designed to support you in bringing your spirituality the front and center of your life. It is designed to support you in creating daily practices that cultivate an intimate relationship with self, with spirit, and with all of life.

Part of growing our practice (and staying on our path) is trying new things, experiencing different meditations, ceremonies, and rituals, as well as connecting with community. Spirituality is best cultivated when space is held and we come together. Join us!

Join the Sanctuary Circle

Sink deeper into your sacred practice. Embody your wisdom. Live a soul-led life. 

- Pay In Full -


- Monthly Payments -

$98/month for 12 months

About Your Guide . . . 

Lori A Andrus is an artist and wisdom teacher.

With great joy and deep commitment, she artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Known for asking spot-on questions, she invites her students and clients to explore the most intimate facets of their soul.

Her creative and inspiring online programs offer high level content and breakthrough lifestyle applications. They open pathways for individuals to rise into their soul wisdom and shine brightly in the world.

Lori is the host of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast where she shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.