I love planning get aways to sacred sites . . . and over the past several years I have visited many . . . from Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley of Peru, to Sedona, Mount Shasta, the Redwood Forest in Northern California, the Glaciers in Alaska, the Island of the Sun in Bolivia, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, and many, many more. Each one was an incredibly spiritual and sacred experience in its own, unique way.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories from friends, family, and other sacred journeyer’s about their experience, but with all these amazing places to visit, how do we know which one is perfect for us?

In this weeks video I answer a question I recently received about which sites I find most spiritually strong and how to decide where to travel.

If you’ve been imagining your sacred get away, this video is for you. Watch here and discover how you can pick your perfect sacred vacation site.


much love,
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