Every moment of every day is a gift…it is sacred. When we bring awareness to all that is sacred in our life (through sacred practice) we are able to…

  • create a deep and trusting relationship with the Divine.
  • remain grounded and fully present with loved ones.
  • blast through fear and resistence.
  • alleviate stress.
  • bring focus and clarity to our thoughts and ideas.
  • deepen our intuitive senses and trust in our inner guidance.
  • flow with our unique rhythms and cycles in a way that supports us in understanding emotional fluctuations.

A Sacred Practice is a practice that creates a connection with both the Divine and your inner source of wisdom.  Through this connection you experience nourishment on all levels; mind, body, and spirit.

A Sacred Practice can look like spending time in nature, creating an altar, or a sanctuary for your soul.  It can be a ceremony, meditation, sacred play, ritual, space clearing, simplifying your life, movement (dance, yoga, tai chi, hiking, etc), creating art, and so much more.

It is a practice that alters your consciousness in such a way that you become a clear channel of connection with source creating a sensation of peace, joy, love and a deep inner knowing.

Sacred practices will support you in strengthening your relationship with the Divine and deepening your trust in the path you are destined to walk. (In the video below, I share with you one of my sacred practices and sacred places.)

As you strengthen that relationship, you find the courage to take action in your life…because without action, you never know what it is to trust the Divine.

Join me June 2nd – 6th as I interview 6 guests about their sacred practices and how those practices have inspired action and transformed their lives in such a way that they can whole-heartedly say they trust their Divine guidance, above all others, and are living their dream.

This series is designed to inspire you into action, bringing new sacred practices in your daily life…deepening your connection with the Divine and the pure voice of your soul!

Register here:  https://loriaandrus.com/sacred-practices-sacred-living/

wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly,
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