Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US.

It looks quite different from years past . . . I think Chris and I will be hunkering down at home for a little family time with Ace.

While festivities may look a little different, my heart is happy and filled with gratitude for a year that has truly topped my list as ‘weirdest year ever’.

I want to extend my Love and my Gratitude to YOU!

I am so grateful you are here and a part of this little corner of the virtual world.

This week, I’m shaking things up and created a super special 

Rose Quartz Guided Meditation.

Mmm . . . this yummy crystal altar inspired something special!

Rose Quartz Crystal Altar

This guided meditation is available in both an audio and a little video. 

A sacred gift from me to you!

I’m sharing both here: 


with love and crystals, Lori