This week’s message is coming on Tuesday (instead of Monday) and is a bit different than the message I imagined I would be sending this week. I was picturing something light and cheery that would invite you to join me for the Crystal Magic Journey that begins later this week. Several ideas were moving through my heart and mind and yet each time I sat down to put voice to it, the message became jumbled and confused.

I’ve come to know that when this happens there is a piece of information missing, that there is something I have not yet attuned to that is wanting or needing to be shared.

So I decided to simply sit with it, to create space.

Then, I woke up Monday morning and I still lacked clarity. I meditated. I went for a hike. And then about halfway through my hike I took a peek into the world of social media and learned about the events in Las Vegas Sunday night.

With that simple awareness, ​my heart ached and I felt a wave of intense emotions.

I chose to journey deeper into what I was feeling. To be present with the discomfort. To feel what I really wanted to avoid and ignore.

It was not an easy day. There were a lot of tears. A lot of sadness. A lot of anger, and fear, and doubt, and judgement.

Being empathic is an incredible gift and at the same time it is very difficult. Many times I think I would prefer to be numb to such intense emotions as they surface collectively . . . and these past couple months have been filled with events that bring such intense emotions to the surface. Yet I have come to recognize empathy as a superpower . . . as a way to be more fully present and alive; to offer support, love and compassion to others; to hold space for others to be present with what wants to be seen and felt from deep within, and to activate deep and profound healing.

I also know that many of you are very empathic. That at times you too have struggled with what to do with all of the emotions you feel, you have struggled to discern your own emotions from the emotions of others, you have struggled to feel safe and fully present here on earth, and you have struggled to root deeply into your life and rise into your potential offering your unique gifts to the world because of the weight of the emotions you feel.

In this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio I get raw and real about this topic and share what I have come to know about how to truly Root + Rise in the turbulent times, how to be present with what we feel, how to heal, and how to share our unique gifts.

Listen here:

Also, in response to all that is surfacing right now, all that is coming forward for us to be present with, I would like to invite you to join me within the Crystal Medicine Wheel for a crystal healing ceremony tomorrow night. This is going to be a special bonus for the Crystal Magic Journey. If you have already signed up for that journey, you will receive the details tomorrow morning. If you have not, this is a free journey and the ceremony is free as well. I would LOVe for you to join us. Learn more about the journey and register here:

Wishing you a beautiful and heart-centered week!

Shine Brightly, Lori