Hi Friends!

I posted this image (and message yesterday) and I received a really great question about Red Coral and it being ‘endangered’ as a response. I think this is a really important topic…and I wanted to share my response with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.red coral

Here’s my response:

“That’s a great question…yes, coral is ‘too precious to wear’ and in many circles regarded as endangered.

I think your question about it actually opens a door to a deeper discussion…so I’m going to go with it a bit. As with all items from the earth, the resources are limited and often when things (for the purposes of my response I’m speaking specifically to crystals, stones, shells, and coral) are being mined without consciousness, sold without consciousness, and even purchased without consciousness. It creates a culture of grasping and wanting and thinking we need what is currently being regarded as the most beautiful, the most precious, the most valuable, most powerful, or the most rare.

Coral is a great example of this. And there are many, many more stones, crystals, etc that are utilized in the jewelry market that are incredibly rare yet suddenly become easy to find (Larimar, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, to name a few) because it is being over mined.

The opportunity, when working with crystals and stones in a sacred way, is not to have as many as possible, but to be incredibly discerning about what is the right stone for us to work with at any particular time. And then, when our work is complete, to either return it to our great mother or pass it on to someone who will benefit from working with it…crystal hoarding is just not cool 🙂

When we bring presence to the pieces we have or the pieces we purchase we keep the natural cycle of creation in its flow.

Thank you for bringing this up…it’s a really important topic 

I’d love to hear your thoughts…share them below.