Crystal Wisdom : 101

Discover how Mother Earth’s most sacred jewels can transform your life!

the Crystal Medicine Wheel

Embark on a 12 month journey into the realms of the crystals and stones.

As you come to know yourself more intimately, you will more fully embody your light and your soul.

You will soar limitless!


Crystal Talisman

Deepen your crystal connection.
Create your own sacred medicine object using ancient shamanic practices.

The Create Your Own Soul Sanctuary program is a 12-day journey to create a sacred space where you can pause, unwind, and reconnect with you! Your Soul Sanctuary is so much more than a beautiful space, it is mindfully created sacred space, a place of refuge where you can be vulnerable and connect with the most intimate parts of yourself, where you can open to and clearly connect with the divine. It is a space, where upon entering, you feel most connected with your true nature. It is a space to surrender and experience full presence amidst any busyness or chaos in your daily life. It houses items that nourish you on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) and support you in expanding into your sacred self. It is in such a space that true transformation, change and healing occurs . . . and it is the birthplace for all other sacred practices and rituals. Learn more.

The Crystal Talisman is a 4 week journey to deepen your crystal connection and create your own sacred medicine object. During this journey you will be guided through ancient shamanic practices where you will: Meet your future self; Connect with your unique wisdom and purpose; Discover the perfect crystals to support you on your path right now; And create your unique medicine object. There are literally endless possibilities to what you can create. Step into the crystal realms and unleash your creative self! Learn more

Crystal Wisdom : 101 is a 5 week journey that opens the doorway for working with crystals and stones. It answers questions about how and why crystals work and how you can tap into their energy to create change, transformation, and healing. During this program you will dive into both the geology and spiritual basics so that you can feel confident selecting your own crystals and stones and working with them in your day to day life. We will also dive into practices such as clearing, charging, setting intention, creating crystal grids, and how to receives messages from your crystals. Learn more

Crystal Medicine Wheel is a 12 month journey to create your adventurous, vibrant, and joy-filled life through ancient shamanic practices and deepening your crystal connection. This is a journey of embodiment where you will come to know yourself intimately and as you do, you will more wholly embody your light and your soul. Learn more.

Journey Jewels Guide Certification is a 1 year program where you will discover how to work with ancient shamanic practices and mother earth’s most sacred treasures to carefully select unique and empowering combinations of crystals and stones to create life changing crystal medicine objects. Learn more