Private Shamanic Mentoring


This time is ALL ABOUT YOU!

During this call we will . . .

  • step into sacred space and sink into your questions.
  • explore your next right steps.
  • invite spirit guidance and clarity around your inquiries.

* All sessions are done via phone, skype, or zoom. 
** Sessions are approximately 75 min.
*** Once payment is received, you will receive an email with a link to Lori’s calendar to schedule your time. Please note that all appointments are scheduled on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.


This call is ALL ABOUT YOU!

And getting your questions answered.

At all stages along our spiritual and entrepreneurial paths, we meet with crossroads where the insights, wisdom, experience of others is incredibly valuable.

During this 60 minute call, we will drink from the well of wisdom tuning into your voice of inner wisdom and discovering your most aligned answers about spirituality, sacred practice, healing, or business.

Over the years, people have reached out to me for support in tapping into their unique creative essence or to begin creating new programs and services . . . essentially, they want to drink from the well of wisdom and more intimately understand not only what’s unfolding in their life, work, relationships and more, but they also want to feel steady, clear, and empowered in their next steps.

Those answers come from within. They come from the deep well of knowing that each of us is tapped into.

These sessions are a bit outside of the traditional shamanic healing session yet are typically not things I discuss or share in the Crystal Shaman Life podcast or in social media as they are more personal and unique to You!

These calls are a potent space for focusing in and answering questions about your next right step.

Here’s what you can expect during our time together . . .

  • We will step into sacred space and attune to the well of wisdom where we attune to your questions.
  • We will feel into what is in alignment for you, the work you are here to offer to the world, and your community.
  • And in addition to getting Lori’s experienced eyes and mind on your questions, Lori will tune into and share Spirit guidance, messages, and insights.

*These 60 minute calls are via phone or zoom.

**Once payment is received, you will receive a link for scheduling your session. Lori is available for sessions on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Sign up today! I look forward to diving in with you.
xoxo, Lori
P.S. I love supporting creative spiritual entrepreneurs in cultivating is their unique, one-of-a-kind, aligned offers. During this call we will sink in and let it emerge from within. This is a powerful experience and a fun way to create highly successful offers.


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