Crystal Soul Fusion 4/21


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April 21 at 6 pm – Attune to Magic. 

In person at Balance SoundSpace in Manitowoc, WI.

The Crystal Soul Fusion Experience guides you on a soulful journey to connect with your inner voice of wisdom and knowing. Messages from the crystals and ‘in the now’ energy weave together with the sounds of the drum, rattle, and native flute to carry you on a dynamic and soulful quest.

Join Lori for a guided shamanic journey experience to connect with the Green Calcite (April Crystal of the Month), your voice of inner wisdom, and attune to the magic of life.

– Crystals. We will be working with green calcite. If you have a piece, bring it.
– Journal, pen, or paper.
– Items to make you comfortable during meditation. For example: yoga mat, blanket, pillow, pen, journal, water, light snack.
– Dress comfortably. 

Kind words about the Crystal Soul Fusion Experience . . . 

“Each month that I go to these (Crystal Soul Fusion Events), I feel a deeper connection to my soul & the universe, inspiration, relaxation, and a full reset of perspective. Lori A Andrus beautifully and intrinsically weaves her energy into each of her events.”

Ambyr Habeck