2024 Personal Crystal Forecast


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Curious about what crystals are your best allies in 2024?

I’d like to invite you to find out with one of my personal 12 month crystal readings.

This is a great way to not only find out which ones are your best allies, but to also discover what their unique messages are for you and how they are going to support you in bringing life to your personal intention.

I’ve been doing crystal readings for over a decade for myself, for friends, family, and clients as a part of other services such as private shamanic healing sessions or the creation of personalized jewelry and medicine bundles. However I rarely offer crystal readings on their own. I feel like they have so much to share this year and it is really important that their messages are shared and received by those meant to work with crystals at a more in-depth level this year. I’m so excited to share it with you as together we discover what crystals are guiding you in 2024.

5 spaces available for this is a limited time offer. 

Here’s how this works . . .

After payment confirmation is received, Lori will email you (within 48hrs) with a scheduling link where you can schedule a Zoom call with Lori for your reading.

You will receive . . . 

  • Personal 12 month crystal reading where Lori draws a monthly crystal ally for you and shares that crystals message. This is an interactive time with Lori where she will ask questions, share insights and information, and hold space for your questions. This is a highly personal and deeply insightful time that will support you in opening the doorway to your 2024 journey.


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