You are here to Shine Brightly in all facets of life.

Let’s work together to clear old patterns and ways of being so you can do what you are here to do.

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Sink into sacred space.

Explore your inner worlds.

Be compassionately present with your soul.

Attune to your voice of inner wisdom and truth.

Liberate yourself from limiting stories, beliefs, and patterns.

Rise into your becoming.

Stand in your wholeness.

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Hello Sacred Friend,

We are living in changing times.

Times that are calling you to more wholly express every aspect of yourself.

In order to do this, life is presenting you with opportunities to look within, to heal, and to rise into your wholeness.

Much of what we are being collectively called to heal lives deep beneath the surface. It’s not the obvious bits that are most challenging us right now, it is the pieces that have been buried, hidden, and tightly tucked away.

Things such as generational patterns and ways of being that no longer serve us or this time in our collective story. Patterns that perhaps served a meaningful purpose for other generations but have become limiting and perhaps even disempowering now.

They are the ways we have unconsciously bought into cultural norms, ideals, and expectations in an attempt to fit in rather than honor the wisdom and truth of our soul.

They are the ways we have pushed down or denied our intuition and deepest desires.

They are the ways we have denied ourselves.

All of these carry an energetic weight that limits our ability to live into our souls greatest vision.

We are being called to next level healing.

In order to break free, we need to heal at the deepest levels by journeying to the very root of the pattern and unearthing the ways it is binding us.

My sense is that you are here because you have been noticing this within yourself and you are ready to break free, to expand, and to shine brilliantly in all facets of your life.

I am here to support you in liberating yourself from the stories, beliefs, and patterns that have been keeping you stuck a loop, struggling to move forward, struggling to break free.

I am here to support you in crossing your next threshold and rising into your becoming.

As we work together for your private session(s), our time will be guided by you. We will set an intention and explore the challenges that have showing up in your life. We will clear the stories these challenges are inviting you to heal. We will anchor in new wisdom. And we will map your next right steps to integrate this experience.

It would be my deepest honor to work with you in this way.  

Here are a couple ways we can work together. 

1. A Stand-alone Healing Session (One 1:1 Private Session). Each session is approximately 75 min. We will meet via phone. Sessions are $300 each. Schedule Now.

2. Make a commitment to your becoming (Four 1:1 Private Sessions – 1 per month for 4 months). We will meet monthly for four months embarking on a more focused journey. Working together for a series of sessions gives us the opportunity to explore a variety of facets in your life and more powerfully integrate your intention into your every day life. $1000 for four private sessions. 

3. Looking for something different, something even more personalized? Send me a message and let’s talk about what is best for you right now. email me at

I look forward to sinking in with you!

with love, Lori


What people are saying about their private sessions . . .


Lori blows my mind every time we do a Shamanic Healing Session.

She knows how to get right in there, weave the divine magic within my soul, and pull forth just the right questions and inquiries to raise the roof of my consciousness to obliterate deep-seeded, old self-sabotaging patternings in the collective unconscious.

This is very powerful work and I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to powerfully step into the next level of their sacred path and increase their lightness in this world to express your most true Self.

Lucinda Rae

“Working with Lori in sacred Sedona was my reawakening!

Lori’s insight and loving presence held space for lifetimes of fear patterns to surface. I could see so clearly how reliving them was holding me back from expressing my true self.  Lori helped me to release those fears to the red rocks, and to fearlessly step into my intention: I AM FREE!”

Angela Bain

“I love Lori, Journey Jewels™ and all things this miraculous woman does! I’ve had transformational shamanic healing sessions, created ritual and ceremony with Lori, and I live in her jewelry! Whenever I open my treasure trove the first thing I gravitate to are her shamanic creations to empower me in my day. She is as soothing as she is inspiring and empowering!!!”

Tony Bergins


Lori was able to help me breakthrough a block that I had subconsciously placed.

During our healing session she guided me to areas that I needed to acknowledge and give respect and gratitude too before ultimately forcing those energies to leave my field.

She helped me to connect more firmly with universal energy and my higher self. It was amazing!

Thank you ?

Mary, the Psychic Animist

“I felt held throughout the process and now feel aligned with the elements to both support me and to birth what is next for me professionally and personally.

It’s as though we brought order and structure to the next chunk of time ahead. I now have clear guides for each project, sacred land and journeys to come … Thank you so much!”

Cherry-Lee Ward

“I have been working with Lori for over five years and my healing sessions with her are always powerful.  

My latest session with her, however, has surpassed any other.

Her intuitive and healing gifts have helped me to expand even further into my own potential.

As always, a big heartfelt mahalo and Aloha to you Lori and all those blessed to worked with you!”

Sara Schroepfer

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Lori A Andrus - Crystal Shaman

About . . . 

Lori A Andrus is the founder of the Crystal Shaman School, an artist, and a soulful traveler.

With great joy and deep commitment, she artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Known for asking spot-on questions, she invites her clients and students to explore the most intimate facets of their soul in meaningful ways so that they may rise into their most authentic expression of self and live their soul’s purpose.

Her creative and inspiring online programs offer high level content and breakthrough lifestyle applications. They open pathways for individuals to rise into their soul wisdom and shine brightly in the world.

Lori is the host of Crystal Shaman Life Podcast where she shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.

She holds a bachelors of science degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a practitioner of crystal shamanism. She has traveled extensively throughout the Sacred Valley of Peru, studying with the high mountain medicine men and women.

Lori’s award-winning and wildly transformational jewelry designs have been featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, selected as Best of Show at the International New Age Trade Show, and are worn by women and men worldwide.