Welcome to the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast.

The Crystal Shaman Life Podcast is a place for you to press pause on the busyness of your day to day life and reconnect with your authentic self, to discover your voice of inner wisdom and to become the courageous creator of your adventurous, vibrant, and spirit-filled life!

Join Lori each week as she gets raw and real exploring how to bring crystal medicine, ancient spiritual practices, ceremony, ritual, and soulful travel into your everyday life.

Grab a cup of tea. Light a candle. Get cozy. And let’s dive in.

6 Simple Crystal Practices

Oh my goodness . . . changes abound! I've been tracking my personal cycles for years and while I know February is a month of massive change for me, I'm still a little surprised when it happens. This month always begins with a BIG letting go. Then the energy quickly...

2019 Crystal Forecast

Hope you're cozy and warm, wherever you are today.  ​It's pretty cold here, as I'm sure it is throughout much of the country. I just took our little pup, Acer, out for a roll in the fresh snow and my fingers are still warming up. Check out his cute little face, he's...

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