resting on the Tucson trailThis afternoon as I came downstairs ready to head out to the garden for a little work time Chris said to me ‘just wait a couple minutes before going outside, there is a sparrow on the stoop centering himself.’ I thought to myself, what do you mean centering himself? I took a peek out the window to see just that; a sparrow, on the stoop, with eyes closed, just sitting.

Apparently he had just flown into the window. I would imagine that’s pretty startling . . . and while I’m sure we’ve all seen (or heard of) birds not quite as lucky as this little guy, there he was centering himself. He knew exactly what he needed to do before taking flight again.

So often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the busyness of life and in the process we lose our center, we feel emotional, triggered, sensitive, edgy, frustrated, depleted, and so much more. We find ourselves doing and saying things that are out of character, regreting them later, and wondering what is happening.

Chris and I needed to wait about 15 minutes for this little guy to collect himself and it felt like such a sacred gift to witness. So imagine what life would be like if instead of pushing yourself beyond your capacity you gave yoursel permission to pause, to breathe, to listen, to collect yourself and open your heart to the potential for beauty and joy that surrounds you within every moment.

What seemed so perfect about this little bird on my stoop is that what he was doing, centering and pausing is the topic of this weeks episode of the Priestess Pathway podcast . . . and while I had created the episode, and even published it, I was dragging my feet on sending out the newsletter to share it. Funny . . . this little pause was exactly the time I needed to center myself, write this message, and publish it to my blog. Love it!

So I invite you to give yourself permission to pause in the busyness of this holiday weekend.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Priestess Pathway podcast here:

Wishing you a beautiful day!
Shine Brightly,