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Discover shamanic practices and crystal rituals for activating your sacred path.

Hello my sacred friend, welcome!

I’m a practitioner of crystal shamanism, an artist, the hostess of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast, and a soulful traveler who works with heart-centered, creative souls to create a vibrant, joy-filled and deeply rooted life by working with crystals and shamanism for healing, transformation, and empowerment.

If that is you, welcome. I am thrilled you are here.

This is a sacred space for you to reconnect with your authentic self and root deeply into your life.

As you browse through this space you will discover programs, crystal wisdom, conversations with thought leaders, ceremonies, rituals, and other sacred practices to support you in creating a vibrant, creative, and joy-filled life.

I look forward to embarking on a journey with you.

xoxo, Lori

Do you feel called to walk a shamanic path?

Join us for the Crystal Shaman School: Shamanic Initiation Program.

This year long journey will support you in discovering how shamanic practices such as ceremony, divination, and shamanic journeying can support you in decoding the language of crystals to create healing, align with destiny, connect with vision, and anchor a new timeline for your life.

2019 Early Enrollment Opens in March!

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Ok, I confess . . . I fell in love with smudging long before I even knew what it was.  Yep, I was the odd little girl who sat in the front pew at church blissfully inhaling the incense as the priest waved his censor through the aisle.  I still love that smell. It...

Full moon crystal ritual

Hello, my sacred friend, We are nearing Sunday's full moon and I've been feeling the pull from my crystals to dive into ritual with them. I love full moon energy. My senses feel heightened. Dreamtime feels clearer. I have more focus and clarity. And my spiritual...

Let’s talk crystals . . . vanishing crystals

Has this ever happened to you? . . . You're in love with a crystal, working with it daily, and then one day it's just gone. Poof. Vanished. You retrace your steps. Check all of your little hiding places and no luck. Your go-to crystal has just disappeared. We all...

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Breaking silence, the next right step, + Summer Workshop Series

I hope you're enjoying a lovely summer! It's hard to believe the season is in full swing and that it has been over two months since we last connected here, through my newsletter . . . actually, I believe my last message was with the closing of Journey Jewels jewelry....

How to travel with your crystals

Hello, my sacred friend! This winter has felt so long and I've been so eager to pull the camper out of storage and travel someplace new. So, this weekend Chris and I are hitting the road. Our little camper is packed and ready to go . . . and I secretly think it is as...