Remember your light.

. . . the world needs You.


Your Inner Wisdom is an Ally.

It is a compass for confidently and courageously navigating life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns.

Nurture it. Develop it. Lead with it.

Welcome Soulful Journeyer,

We are living in changing times, times that are inviting you to . . .

  • Attune to the voice of your soul in new and meaningful ways.
  • Experience the depth of your knowing.
  • Heal. Grow. Lead. And live your wisdom.

As an artist, ceremonial guide, and wisdom teacher I work with practical mystics who hold deep wisdom. They seek to bring more joy, creativity, and ease into their lives while nurturing a deep connection with self, spirit, nature, and with all of life. They recognize that a core facet of this journey is honoring their past, healing on deep and profound levels, and cultivating harmony within.

I work with an intimate group of wisdom keepers through the Sanctuary Medicine Circle and privately with 1:1 clients through shamanic healing sessions. I also offer on-demand programs, classes, and products including guided meditations, sacred art, and Journey Jewels jewelry

I believe you are here with magic and wisdom to share with the world.

It is time for you to expand into your fullest expression and shine brightly.

As you move through this space you will discover sacred practices, podcast episodes, and other insights for deepening into your unique spiritual path.

I also want to invite you to sink in a little deeper. Join the community and receive the Inner Wisdom Collection along with weekly community messages and updates.

I look forward to connecting in new and meaningful ways.

with love, Lori

Shine Brightly (in all Facets of Your Life).

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Explore the 2022 Crystal Forecast

January - Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite will show us how to love courageously and compassionately.

February - Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla awakens a sense of sweetness, laughter, and joy.

March - Star Cluster Aragonite

Star Cluster Aragonite illuminates ways for our inner light to shine brightly in the world.

April - Copper

Copper activates our flow of creativity, generating a sense of inspiration and ideas.

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Eclipse magic. Land wisdom.

Eclipse magic. Land wisdom.

Happy Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse! There is something magical about setting aside a bit of time to experience these lunar events firsthand. Tonight, Chris and I are planning an evening of ceremony and moon gazing in the backyard. I really love eclipse energy. And even...

Into the Forest I Must Go . . .

Into the Forest I Must Go . . .

Happy Beltane! Today we officially arrive at the midpoint of the Spring Season. This is such a sweet time. It's the time in which we really begin to see and feel the awakening and renewal that comes with the spring season. Between yesterday's new moon, the partial...

A new chapter. Welcome to the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast.

A new chapter. Welcome to the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast.

It has been a couple of very busy weeks here. And I am so happy to be reconnecting with you today as I share a fresh podcast episode. In alignment with this season of rebirth, change, and transformation, the podcast has also gone through a bit of change. To begin...

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Magic is brewing here in my studio. Fresh jewelry designs are being prepped for the upcoming April online show and sale. Website changes have unfolded (perhaps a few more to come). And I've been designing the new cover art for the podcast. Yes, you heard that right,...

A Soulful Reset to Welcome Spring

A Soulful Reset to Welcome Spring

Happy Spring! Chris, Koda, and I spent the weekend in the north woods. Oh my, we had a blast! This was different way for us to greet the spring equinox. We usually hang at home or travel south where we can enjoy some warmer temperatures. North was never really on our...