Root deeply into life. Embody your wisdom. Share your gifts.

Remember your light.

. . . the world needs You.


Your Inner Wisdom is an Ally.

It is a compass for confidently and courageously navigating life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns.

Nurture it. Develop it. Lead with it.


We live in evolutionary times. These times call you to . . .

  • Experience the depth of your intuition and knowing by trusting it to guide you in your day to day life.
  • Heal. Grow. Lead. And live your wisdom.
  • Courageously live your life aligned with your highest vision.

I work with individuals who walk with deep wisdom, individuals who seek to bring more presence, joy, and creative flow into their lives while cultivating an empowered relationship with self, spirit, nature, and all of life. They recognize a core facet of this journey is honoring their past, healing on deep and profound levels, and nurturing harmony within.

Through the Sanctuary Circle I work with an intimate group of wisdom keepers to sink deeper into their daily spiritual practice. I work privately with 1:1 clients through shamanic healing sessions. And I offer on-demand programs, classes, and products including guided meditations, sacred art, and Journey Jewels jewelry.

I believe you have magic and wisdom to share.

It is time to do that. I would love to support you along the way.

with love, Lori

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Explore the 2022 Crystal Forecast

January - Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite will show us how to love courageously and compassionately.

February - Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla awakens a sense of sweetness, laughter, and joy.

March - Star Cluster Aragonite

Star Cluster Aragonite illuminates ways for our inner light to shine brightly in the world.

April - Copper

Copper activates our flow of creativity, generating a sense of inspiration and ideas.

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In the Now Crystal Wisdom with Spirit Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

In the Now Crystal Wisdom with Spirit Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

I'm always in awe of how aligned each month's crystals are. They show up in a reading at the beginning of the year, revealing just a hint of what is to come. Then, as year progresses, deeper insight and clarity emerges. Their timing, perfect. Their messages, aligned....

The 8:8 Gateway of Deep Roots, Wisdom, and Light

The 8:8 Gateway of Deep Roots, Wisdom, and Light

For months I've been dreaming about and drawing gateways. Gateways that open space for possibility. Gateways that create space for deeper connection. Gateways that attune us to our voice of inner wisdom. Yesterday, as I attuned to the energy of today's 8-8 Lions Gate...

Milestones. Mile Markers. Soul Anniversaries

Milestones. Mile Markers. Soul Anniversaries

This summer marks a significant milestone for both Chris and I. 10 years ago we went on a camping trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It's a beautiful spot on the Lake Superior shoreline . . . and a spot that activated a new pathway in our lives. At the time it...

Wisdom + Insight from a Maple Tree

Wisdom + Insight from a Maple Tree

This past week was busy. Very busy. I found myself immersed in both expected and unexpected projects while trying to gracefully navigate the mixed emotions that popped up along the way. That was not always easy. One of the unexpected bits that happened last week was...

Talking with Black Tourmaline: May Crystal of the Month

Talking with Black Tourmaline: May Crystal of the Month

Chris and I are wrapping up a wonderful weekend in the Northwoods. It felt so good to get back up on our land. It was just a wonderfully nourishing quick visit. The theme of spending time in nature has popped up a lot in recent weeks and I feel like it is part of how...