Happy Friday, my friend!

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying a soulful week.

It’s been BUSY here . . . the Stones Speak Oracle Deck went live, I taught a Reiki II class, dove into a training for myself, and bumped up against a growth edge.

Ahh yes, growth edges. They pop up from time to time on our spiritual path, often catching us off guard. They manifest as old stories and all too often, they stop us in our tracks. Ugh.

When this happens we have an opportunity to consider whether that old story remains true or not. And even more importantly, we get to consider whether the cost of leaving our dreams unfulfilled is worth holding on to that old story. Growth edges are opportunities for growth and saying a wholehearted ‘YES’ to our dreams.

This week, when I met with a growth edge, I paused, listened, and turned to the cards (and the stones – now all in one with my new deck . . . yay!).

The stones had a lot to say . . . from reminding me of what is on the other side of this edge to insight about how to navigate the challenge, their messages not only put me at ease, but the lit an inner fire that propelled me through.

In the latest episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space podcast, I do a live card draw from The Stones Speak Oracle to share with you what the stones have to say about how to navigate those times when we reach a growth edge. Listen in here:

much love, Lori

P.S. . . . Did you hear?! The Stones Speak Oracle is NOW live on Kickstarter. Pop over here to support the campaign and pre-order your deck. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loriaandrus/the-stones-speak-oracle

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