Happy Friday!

I kicked off my morning by helping a friend identify some crystals and stones. It was so much fun. As a rockhound, I was thrilled by the raw specimens and the chance to discuss geology. Some pieces were very familiar while others left me a bit stumped and off to do some research.

A few years ago, I enrolled in a geology class at the local university. I wanted to enhance my crystal and stone relationship with some good ole earth science. I learned so much about the local landscape and about my beloved stones. It brought a new level of depth to my already intuitive connection with the crystals and stones.

Often, the best way to develop a new skill or enhance our intuition is through an indirect approach.

My spiritual and healing journey kicked off this way. I wanted to develop my artistic skills. After learning Reiki, I started painting again. This was also when I started working with oracle cards on a daily basis.

Quickly, I began to realize that developing my intuition rapidly propelled my artistry forward. The art classes I was taking were great for learning technique (which I needed), while my healing journey was teaching me new ways to ‘see’ what I was painting. Together, both paths brought my art to life. One nourished the other in unimagined and essential ways.

Lori A Andrus at Maribel Caves with her Stones Speak Oracle Deck

Developing our intuition can enhance other facets of our life as well.

Oracle cards continue to be a central part of my spiritual and healing journey. From those moments when my heart needs a bit of reassurance, to receiving daily insight, or times when my energy is feeling a bit adrift and I want to return to the present moment.

Because of the profound ways oracle cards have supported me, I have long felt inspired to create my own deck. It’s taken a while, but being at a point where my own deck creation is ready to go to print and get into your hands is exhilarating.

The Stones Speak Oracle is created for you as a sacred tool to reconnect with your intuitive nature and enhance the magic that exists in other areas of life.

In the latest episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space podcast, I perform a live card draw from The Stones Speak Oracle to share what the stones suggest for times when we feel adrift.. Listen in here:

much love, Lori

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