Happy Full Moon!

There is a lot of dynamic energy with this moon. Full moon is always a wonderful time to let go and create space in our lives . . . space to grow and expand further into our wholeness.

This particular full moon is shining a light on the self-limiting phrases, words, and language we have been using. It is inviting us to clean up our language, to be crystal clear about what we are saying, and to be certain our language matches how we truly want to experience life.

It is inviting us to speak with love and possibility.

Words carry power. We create what we speak, both what is spoken in the silent recesses of our mind and outloud.

We all have phrases we use to talk down to or about ourselves. Things we say we can’t do or that they are simply not possible. Sometimes we express them as a joke or with a little giggle and other times we state them in disappointment, frustration, overwhelm, or haste.

Most of the time these phrases are pretty unconscious, especially when they are in regards to an area of our life where we are being asked to stretch and grow, where we are being asked to expand our perception of possibility.

I know, you’re probably thinking “I’m super vigilant about my words” . . . and I know you are. You’re walking a spiritual path. This is something you have been practicing for a very long time. But even the most practiced souls slip up from time to time and this full moon is ready to shine the spotlight on those slip-up’s.

So . . . when it does, don’t shame yourself.
Let it go.
Shake it off.
Create space.
Welcome a new and empowering phrase.
Let the 2017 chapter in your life be a time when you say YES to all that is possible!

Speak with love. Speak with possibility.

Shine Brightly, my sacred friend!

much love, Lori

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