Happy Friday!

We are nearing on a New Moon (Sunday). I love to work with new moon energy as points of new beginnings. 

This months crystal altar seems to be offering an invitation to begin a new daily practice . . . whether it is an evolution of a current practice or simply beginning a daily practice all together. 

Being a creative spirit, I love to shake up my daily practice. And while there are days that I miss it all together, I am very aware that I am most in flow and in alignment when my daily practice is central in my life. 

This podcast episode is rich; filled with an abundance of insights and messages about not only cultivating a powerful daily practice, but also about money and ancestral wisdom. Yep, this episode sinks into some unexpected places. 

Listen to this week’s episode: 

Shine Brightly


P.S. I recently wrapped up a beautiful 4-Part FB LIVE series on Living Shamanism. If you missed it and would like to catch the replay, you can find that here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystalshaman

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