Happy New Year!

Happy New Moon!

Happy New Beginnings!

As we crossed the threshold into the New Year I did ceremony . . . lots and lots of ceremony. It is such a potent way to honor new beginnings and welcome this new year.

On the winter solstice many of you joined me for the annual crystal forecast. It was such a beautiful evening. My heart was happy as the 2022 crystal allies came forward with so much love and vibrancy.

In the coming year we can expect to be supported by crystals as we open our hearts, stand in our light, and honor our vision.

In today’s episode of the I dive a bit deeper into this forecast. I share some of the unique ways this years allies are coming together to support us in the coming year . . . as well as how they are also encouraging us to lean into guidance and support of both the Angels and the Divine.

I really appreciate the unique perspective the crystals and stones offer about what is unfolding on earth right now. Their messages leave me feeling inspired, uplifted, and supported during these changing times.

Listen here:


End of Year Reflection Ritual. Download HERE: 2021 End of Year Reflection Ritual

Forecast Guide. Download HERE: 2022 Crystal Forecast Template


The 2022 Crystal of the Year:

Danburite invites us to welcome the support of the angels. 


January: Rhodochrosite will show us how to love courageously and compassionately. 


February: Chrysocolla awakens a sense of sweetness, laughter, and joy.

Star Cluster Aragonite

March: Star Cluster Aragonite illuminates ways for our inner light to shine brightly in the world. 


April: Copper activates our flow of creativity, generating a sense of inspiration and ideas.

Black Tourmaline

May: Black Tourmaline eases any worry, doubt, or fear by inviting us to connect with the earth.


June: Kunzite invites us to celebrate all of life. 

Chain Coral

July: Iolite and Chain Coral. Together they invite you to break free of expectations and light up our inner world with soulful visions. 

Spirit Quartz
Lapis Lazuli

August: Spirit Quartz and Lapis Lazuli extend an invitation to circle up with like minded thinkers, opening our hearts to sacred community while embracing ways to live our vision now. 


September: Garnet awakens our roots and invites us to sink into the rhythm of the earth.


October: Citrine awakens our inner light so that we may shine brightly in the world. 


November: Pyrite invites us to own our power by courageously standing in our light. 


December: Sodalite and Fluorite invite us to walk through the portal of our becoming while being grounded, focused, and fully present in our magic.