I’ve loved stones for as long as I can remember…gathering them in nature, finding them on the beach, wearing them in jewelry…every one is so incredibly special to me.  They seem to touch my heart in ways I can not really express in words other than I remember them…every detail about them including how, where, and when they came into my life…and the journey we took together.

This is me with my Great Grandmother Kaka after my first communion

This is me with my Great Grandmother Kaka after my first communion

One such special experience was the first time I received freshwater pearls.  Little white rice shaped pearls threaded together with purple beads to make the very special bracelet I received from my Great Grandmother (Kaka).  She gave it to me for my first communion.

This bracelet was so special to me…just as Kaka was.  It was this lovely lady who stretched my imagination and invited me to color my pictures in circular patterns rather than back and forth…and she seemed to find 4 leaf clovers without even trying (something else we seem to have in common).  While there are so many stories I could share about this special lady today I am going to stick with the bracelet…one of my very first treasured jewels.

But like many childhood treasures this is one disappeared.  I guess our journey together was complete…but none the less it continues to live in my memory as it truly touched my heart.  And ever since, freshwater pearls have held a special place in my heart.

They are soft, gentle, nurturing and they invite us to explore, understand and embrace our deepest truths.  They are a ‘stone’ of purity and innocence.  They wash away and cleanse any beliefs or stories that interfere with ability to embrace the purity of Great Spirit’s truth…one of love, compassion and trust.  Assorted Freshwater Pearls - Journey Jewels

Freshwater Pearls have long been a key component in many of my designs.  I feel like they are essential in our awakening to our purity, our Divinity, our Sacredness and our Oneness with God.

With so many beautiful shapes, sizes and colors my eyes never tire of their incredible luster and creative potential.

Looking back I see how perfect it is that I received these beauties from a very special lady on a day that was so sacred to me.