It’s no secret, I love working with crystals and stones…in fact, they have been a significant part of my own healing journey.   Whether I am adorned with them or they are adorning my space I rely on them as a part of maintaining safe and sacred space, keeping my energy balanced, and aligning my energy with my highest visions and dreams.  I believe in their ability to support us in every facet of our lives…that is why I choose to create crystal jewelry.

These little beauties have been my companions through many life changes and transformations.  Over the years I have probably worked with over 100 different crystals and stones, but seriously 100 is a pretty small number when you compare that to the 1300 crystals and stones discussed in Melody’s book Love is in the Earth.  Seriously…that’s a lot of stones!

When I was getting started I got quickly overwhelmed because I wanted to get to know as many stones as possible, but what I found is that selecting a small group of stones, getting to know them well, and working with them on a very regular basis…feeling their energy, getting to know how they impact your energy, listening to their stories, telling them yours…is the most powerful place to begin.

In this weeks video I share my core 7 Chakra Stones.  And below are links to other posts I have created about each Chakra and several fantastic stones for each Chakra.

Root Chakra:
Sacral Chakra:
Solar Plexus Chakra:
Heart Chakra:
Throat Chakra:
Third Eye Chakra:
Crown Chakra:

I hope you enjoyed this video!  I would love to hear below…what are your favorite Chakra Crystals!

Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly,
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