Have you been hearing the word priestess being used more and more frequently?  Are you curious about what a priestess really is and how it applies to today’s society. I think one of the first times I heard the word priestess was when a friend was using it to describe me.  I was puzzled.  My mind was filled with all sorts of images…none of which I felt like connected with our modern culture, my business, or my way of life…not to mention ones that I could relate to or understand.  But somewhere deep within in me she activated something…she tapped into my soul and something magical was beginning to happen.

I began exploring what it means to be a priestess and how it can be expressed in my life.  It’s interesting because the more I explored, the more I realized just how much this word described me and just how important the pathway of the priestess is for women right now.  The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a Priestess as…

  1.  a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion.  
  2.  a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement).  

Every day women are embracing their inner wisdom, their unique feminine nature, and stepping into their path as a leader.  They are finding within a power greater than they every imagined.  They are not only recognizing their unique contribution to the world, but that their way of contributing, their way of running a business needs to also honor all aspects of their femininity.

For years women have been very successful in all areas of business, but the pathway of the priestess is not about being ‘successful’ using structures and systems that are tried and true for men…this is about discovering within the ways that we as women want to create and experience success.  It is about blazing new pathways and aligning with internal creative forces, our intuitive nature, our creative rhythms, and our inner wisdom.  Ooohh…this just gets me so excited.  There are so many women successfully doing this, lighting the way for others to step into their sacred path.  This is the Priestess Pathway®.

It is so exciting to witness…and I am certain that if you are reading this post, that if the word ‘priestess’ has on some level resonated, you too are meant to lead and it is time for you to discover your unique pathway.  Perhaps you already are, perhaps you’re feeling the call, or perhaps you’re feeling a lot of resistance to the path you know you need to travel.  Wherever you are at, I invite you to read this list below with an open, receptive heart and a willingness to discover your sacred path.

21 Characteristics of a Modern-day Priestess

1.  She knows that her outer world is a reflection of her inner world…and she knows the answers she seeks are within.

2.  She is a Visionary.…holding the highest vision for her life, for others and for the world.  She does not compromise in any area of her vision.  She believes that if her minds eye can see it, so it will be.

3.  She knows the value of discovering and embracing her every facet…and she is willing to take the time she needs to strengthen her inner knowing of self.

4.  She knows the cycles, rhythms, and seasons of her life.  She knows how to move with them…when to pause, when to reflect, when to take action, and when to leap.

5.  She knows how to flow with the creative rhythms of life…from past to future, death to rebirth.  She knows their essential nature and their importance in maintaining the balance of the whole.

6.  She is wildly Intuitive.

7.  She trusts…her instincts, her inner voice, the Divine, and the natural flow of life.

8.  She believes…in her vision, in a greater purpose, in her value, in others, her community, and the world

9.  She knows her value and she is unwilling to compromise as she knows her unique contribution to the world.

10.  She embodies receptivity.  She holds her vision, asks for support, guidance and help, and then allows the pathways to open in her life…receiving graciously as it opens.

11.  She is willing to receive support.

12.  She is supportive and encouraging of other women as they also step into their sacred path.

13.  She allows her inner light to shine brilliantly.

14.  She knows the source of her inner wisdom…she listens to her inner voice, she trusts what she sees and knows even if it defies logic and reason.

15.  She is loving, compassionate, present and often very empathic.

16.  She is a weaver of destiny…recognizing threads of connection and weaving them together in her life.

17.  She knows the magic of creation…her creative power, and her unique ability to co-create with the Divine.

18.  She feels confident and safe creating her life…including creating her unique path. Lori A. Andrus Soul Signature Portrait

19.  She embraces the beauty and power of her femininity knowing who she is, is an essential part to the greater whole.

20.  She knows she is creative by nature.

21.  She lives with the sacred at the forefront of her life…bringing ceremony, ritual, sacred practice and sacred presence to every aspect of her life.


with love,

Lori Signature