In the midwest there is a phrase that refers to agreeing with someone even if its contrary to your truth…it’s called “Minnesota nice”.

I know “Minnesota nice” very well…we’ve been good friends. I long believed that it was important for me to go along with or nod and smile when others said or did something that was out of alignment for me…and it was easy. It was a way of keeping the peace and making sure everyone was happy.

But in the midst of that, my voice, my thoughts, my ideas, my beliefs, my truth became masked by layers of “Minnesota nice.”

Throat ChakraFor the past several years I’ve been taking off layers, uncovering the truth of my soul and learning to live in alignment with it…sometimes more smoothly and lovingly than others.

Today, a really big one tapped me on the shoulder and gave me an opportunity to stand lovingly in my truth or to simply be “nice.”

Today I chose to stand in my truth and my life will never be the same.