This week we meet with the full moon and my thoughts are traveling to ceremony.

Under the light of the full moon, I’d love for you to meet me in sacred space as we step into ceremony together.

As I tune into the energy of this full moon, I’m noticing is a call to shake it up . . . to shake up what has been our status quo, our go to way of doing things, and to welcome something new, something subtle yet innovative within our own lives. Innovation does not have to be earth shattering, very often it is a new way of seeing and experiencing our own lives.

Change most powerfully integrates in our lives when we initiate it in sacred space, in ceremony, and under the light of the full moon.

This week, I want to invite you to join me . . . in sacred space, in ceremony, in a sacred journey of reconnection.

Sacred space is many things . . . it’s the beautiful spaces we create to honor ourselves and our relationship with the sacred.

Sacred space is also a space we create through our unique and intimate relationship with our spirit guides, the elements, nature, the crystals, our animal guides, and so much more.

This kind of sacred space is created through prayer. It opens a bridge between worlds and calls us outside linear time and space. It opens the gateway to pure potential and possibility. It allows us to see ourselves and life beyond the limited ways we think of as normal from one moment to the next.

This sacred space is where I am inviting you to meet me . . . in the space of pure possibility. The space where you connect with all that is sacred, the space where you reconnect with the sacredness that is you!

This week, with the full moon, I am offering This journey is my gift to you . . . and I would love for you to join me. Yes, everything will be recorded and you will have access to the replays (but if possible, I encourage you to join me live . . . this is the richest energy lives).

Learn more about this journey here:

And, this topic of sacred space. It’s a big one. It’s beautiful and potent. This week, on the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast, I dive deeper into it. Listen Here:

Wishing you a joy-filled week! (And hoping to sink into sacred space with you as well.)

with love and crystals, Lori

The doors for the Sanctuary Circle are open. I would love for you to join us for this year long journey.

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