Experience the depth of your inner wisdom with ceremonial guide and wisdom teacher

Lori A Andrus

Are you ready to activate your intuitive nature and align with your soul purpose so you can create a positive impact in the world?

The Unleash Your Inner Wisdom Masterclass Bundle will take you on a journey to move from being curious about your intuitive nature to courageously honoring your inner wisdom in your everyday life.

Beautiful Soul,

Have you recently had an awakening experience?

You may recognize this experience as . . .

♦  Seeing something in your life with more clarity or differently than before.

♦  Your intuitive nature feels like it is expanding to a new level.

♦  Feeling a sense of readiness to break out of an old and limiting pattern or belief that has been holding you back.

Along the spiritual path it is common to have many awakening experiences.

With each awakening experience, your ability to access your inner wisdom grows. It is an opportunity to more couragously trust your intuition and take action aligned with your insight and knowing.

Your voice of inner wisdom speaks to you through your intuition: your gut knowing, your emotions, your ideas and insights, your sense of connection, and your sense of something you can’t quite explain.

The energy of the planet is rapidly shifting. Innate wwisdom and healing gifts are being activated within humanity. Individuals attuned to this facet of self are being called to step forward and bring new light to the world.

I believe you found your way here because you are one of these people. You are meant to actively participate in the sacred changes unfolding on the planet at this time.

The Universe is Calling You!

It is time to reconnect with you inner wisdom.

It is time to reclaim and hone your innate gifts.

It is time to share your light and your gifts with others.

The world is ready for what your soul longs to share . . . and the world needs it, now more than ever.

Your Inner Wisdom is a Potent Ally as You Navigate Times of Change.

Hi, I’m Lori A Andrus.

I am here to help you reconnect with your voice of inner wisdom so that you may confidently and courageously share your unique gifts and talents with others.

It is my mission to hold safe and sacred space so that you may explore your inner worlds, heal, and transform as you cultivate a meaningful relationship with both yourself and the sacred.

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Yes! I'm Ready to Step in Now!

♦  Explore each of the 7 Sacred Gateways for accessing your inner wisdom.

♦  Experience practical ways to cultivate trust in your intuition and knowing.

♦  Find out how to hone your intuitive gifts and talents.

♦  Learn how to work with your inner wisdom to powerfully navigate times of change and transformation.

♦  Feel lit up and truly excited about your unique purpose and how to share your gifts.

This Masterclass Bundle is a powerful combination of ceremony, training, and activation all in one.

It comes complete with a downloadable Guidebook for quick reference and even deeper understanding of how to connect with your inner wisdom and knowing.

You will learn how to begin living a soul-led life while honoring your intuitive nature, your inner wisdom, and powerfully sharing your gifts with the world.

This bundle also includes a downloadable audio version so that you may revisit this material again and again while sinking deeper into specific portions such as the Inner Wisdom Activation Ceremony, the Cleansing Ritual, or Honing Your Gifts Exercise.

♦  3 Hour Video Masterclass + PDF Guidebook
♦  Audio and reflection journals for all learning styles
♦  Online learning portal for immediate access
♦  4 soulful offerings to support your journey

Masterclass Modules

Module 1: Open Your Channel And Release Negative Energy

We’ll clear blockages and open you up to the Divine through sacred ceremony and energy cleansing, ensuring you can trust that you are in connection with your highest self throughout the training.

Module 2: Discover Your Shamanic Abilities

You’ll gain the clarity and confidence to move forward on this path with the knowledge of the 9 Shamanic abilities and which you are being Divinely led into.

Module 3: Activate Your Gifts

I’ll lead you through a powerful process to activate your gifts and give you the tools for how to use your abilities, locking in your sacred connection and the wisdom to harness your gifts.

Module 4: Bust Through Limiting Beliefs

You’ll learn how to recognize and stop the low-vibe sneaky beliefs and sabotage patterns that keep you from sharing your gifts, cultivating a certainty of your purpose, and moving forward in a powerful way.

Get Instant Access for only $37 (reg. $144)

Yes! I'm Ready to Step in Now!

This Masterclass Bundle Includes 4 Soulful Offerings to Activate Your Path

1. Unleash Your Inner Wisdom – 3 Hour Video Masterclass

This in-depth masterclass will help you navigate the 7 sacred gateways to access your inner wisdom. You will experience a purification ritual, an activation of your inner trust and knowing, along with practical ways to weave sacred practice into your daily life.

This video workshop is a potent blend of ceremony, activation, and in-depth learning.

2. 7 Sacred Gateways to Access Your Inner Wisdom PDF Guide

A quick reference guide for the 7 sacred gateways will serve as a portal for learning an understanding the unique ways you connect with your voice of inner wisdom.

3. How to Create Safe and Sacred Space

As you step more wholly into sacred work, exploring your inner worlds along with ways to share your gifts with others, it is important that you develop a practice for creating safe and sacred space.

This foundational guide is designed to ensure you are protected in your sacred work as well as clearly connecting with spirit.

4. Unleash Your Inner Wisdom Masterclass Audio

An audio version of this masterclass has been created so you can listen easily from various devices, anytime you want.


The audio is particularly helpful if you’re on the go and want to experience portions of the class to realign and center yourself throughout your everyday life.

Get Instant Access for only $37 (reg. $144)

♦  3 Hour Video Masterclass + PDF Guidebook
♦  Audio and reflection journals for all learning styles
♦  Online learning portal for immediate access
♦  4 soulful offerings to support your journey
Yes! I'm Ready to Step in Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person is "Unleash Your Inner Wisdom" meant for?

This msterclass bundle is intended for anyone who looking to deepen their connection with their voice of inner wisdom, to cultivate trust in their intuitive nature and abilities, courageously act upon their inner guidance, and powerfully affect the world in meaningful ways. 

I don't know if I have an intuitive nature, will this work for me?


Everyone is born with innate intuitive gifts and abilities. They are our direct connection with our inner wisdom and capactity to listen within.

This bundle is created to support you in awakening your intuitive nature and cultivating trust in your own voice of inner wisdom.

As you develop your intuitive nature and trust your voice of inner wisdom, you will find the courage and confidence to navigate times of change and uncertainty. Your inner wisdom is a powerful ally in all facets of your life. 

How does this program work?

Upon payment you will receive immediate access to all of the materials in the Sacred Space Learning Portal. The content will be available to you within this portal so that you may move through it at your own pace.  The audios, reflection rituals, and pdf guidebook will be available for download for your personal library.  

What if this is not a match for me, what is your refund policy?

I want you to be happy with this journey and feel fully supported as you sink explore your inner wisdom.

If you are not 100% pleased with the “Unleash Your Inner Wisdom” masterclass bundle within 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.