Happy New Moon!!

Early tomorrow morning is the official point of the new moon, but we are definitely within its energetic window.

Have you been noticing its super sweet and imaginative vibe?

All things are possible. This message keeps echoing through my heart.

As I sink deeper into this energy, I hear these questions . . .

What does your heart really want?
From the deepest, purest place, what does your heart want?

This new moon is inviting us to indulge the dreaminess and the fantasy, and it is also inviting us to not get lost there, but to instead, return to our soul and reconnect with our voice of inner wisdom. Often, when we do, we discover that what our heart really wants is less about attaining a particular goal or ideal and more about knowing what makes us truly feel alive.

Our soul longs to connect with the authentic bits of life . . . the things that make our heart sing with joy and dance with delight.

It may be laughter or the energy to play with your children, loved ones, or your dog. It may be a desire to simply spend more time in nature or to become familiar with the call of different birds. May be your soul wants to lay down the heaviness and weight of life and quench its thirst for deeper connection with spirit. Or perhaps it’s been longing to spend more time in creative pursuits.

Only you know what your heart desires.

So I invite you to be with this question this weekend . . . what does your heart really want?

Sink deeper into this conversation with me in this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast.

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with love + crystals, Lori

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