The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn a beautiful gold and I am fully enjoying their change.  It is beautiful here right now (in Northeast Wisconsin)…my favorite time of year.

Over the past couple weeks I have been sharing a 4 part video series on manifestation, this week being part 4…Inspired Action…the little whisper deep within, the just knowing feeling that we can not dismiss, or the idea that just pops into our head.  It is a call to action that must be followed without question.

Sometimes the action is easy, yet other times it requires a stretch, a leap of faith that takes us beyond what has been comfortable and into a new territory, a place where we discover what is truly possible…and if we enter with an enthusiatic heart we discover it to be more amazing than we ever imagined.

I love taking inspired action and I am completely delighted when things unfold beyond my wildest dreams.  I not only believe, but I know, that as we come to trust our inner voice and follow through on our inspired action, we manifest our true hearts desires more and more frequently within our life.  We fall into the universal rhythm and life unfolds in brilliant ways.


Wishing you a wonderful week, my brilliant friend!
Shine Brightly!

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