Hello from beautiful Alaska!

I just love the mountains..and they have been calling.  This week I answered with a sacred travel to Alaska.  I am here visiting my dear friend, Lucille and celebrating with her some significant steps in her sacred path…and of course enjoying the glorious Alaska landscape.  IMG_3126

I feel like traveling to new places activates something new within me, and I consciously invite my travels to be points of beginning…times when I make new commitments to myself and strengthen my inner knowing and will.  In many ways it is a time of deep inner personal exploration and reflection.

This trip has been no exception…in fact the earth made sure I felt the ‘rumble’ like activation with not one, but two earthquakes in the first 48 hrs I was here.  For me, such events (while a little unsettling to literally feel the earth move beneath my feet) feel very significant to me and I feel called to pay attention to them, to tune in and listen for the deeper message being offered by spirit.

Such messages surround us in every moment of every day, some (like an earthquake) are a little more obvious than others…but regardless of how obvious it is, these messages are a kiss from spirit letting us know that we are always supported on our path.

This week I created the video for Step 3 in the manifestation series…and I filmed it outside in the glorious Alaska scenery.  I hope you enjoy the infusion of that energy.

More Alaska pictures…

The glorious view and pond outside my hotel room…I love a room with a view (especially a sunrise view)

IMG_3122 IMG_2933


A day trip to Seward and Exit Glacier.  I visited here 20 years ago.  I was in awe by how much the glacier has receded in those 20 years.  When I arrived I sat down on a rock to meditate.  I was there for about 2 hours.  Then I got up and began walking towards the glacier.  About 20 yards from where I was meditating was a sign noting how that particular spot marked where the glacier was 16 years prior…as I read it, I felt that where I meditated was where we stood next to the glacier 20 years earlier.

IMG_3069 IMG_3096 IMG_3070

A picture of Exit Glacier from where I was meditating.


This lovely piece of jewelry really wanted to come with me.  There is a lot of significance to this piece being here and the message it had to share today, and the one it shared 20 months ago when I created it…but that’s a story for another day….



Stay tuned as I share more happenings and pictures from my Alaska adventure on facebook:  https://facebook.com/journeyjewels

I wish you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly!