This past week, Chris and I spotted a cicada scooting around inside our house. Imagine our surprise.

Where did he come from in the dead of winter?

As we thought about it more, we realized he has likely been hanging out, underground, in one of the potted plants we’ve been wintering. But even still, this is a highly unusual time for him to emerge . . . so I did a bit of digging and discovered that Cicada’s live a VERY long life underground, in their nymph form (13 – 17 years). They feed on the sap from of roots. Then, when it’s time, they emerge, shed their shell, mate, sing, and lay eggs. Their life above ground is quite short, but it’s not one that goes unnoticed as they sing their song loudly for all to hear.

Meeting with such an unusual insect in our house, in the middle of the winter left me curious about the wisdom and message it has to share. Yes, this little guy felt like a true messenger. 

So late that night, we hung out in the living room and had a little chat.  

Midwinter Wisdom from the Cicada . . .  

  • ​Open your heart to the change and transformation unfolding in your world, it is attuning you to your unique song.
  • Be delighted and surprised by your own timing. Surrender your need for a linear timeline, instead find a cadence that is all your own.
  • Sing your own song. Sing it loudly. Sing it clearly. Sing it with love.

Ahh . . . personally, this feels spot on. Also, it echos the message shared by Malachite this month. 

I think one of the more challenging opportunities many of us are experiencing right now is coming into alignment with the most unique facets and expressions of self. With each step, we are being invited to look a bit deeper within, and to honor the sometimes small, but persistent voice within.

The cicada definitely hummed in with a bit of reassurance . . . 

There is no need to waste time searching for evidence that your song is worthwhile . . . Simply sing your own song. Sing it loudly. Sing it clearly. Sing it with love.’ 

Mmm . . . such a happy little messenger. 

I want to invite you to tune into this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast where I dive into the monthly message from Malachite. Listen in here:


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