Happy Friday!

The studio has been buzzing here the past couple of weeks as I prepare for the release of The Stones Speak Oracle next month . . . from ceremonies to photographing the cards and tweaking graphics every step of the process has been invigorating and transformative!

Creative endeavors have a unique way of stretching us, don’t they? They beckon us to delve deep within, embracing every facet of ourselves as we breathe life into our projects. What’s truly remarkable is how this creative journey not only unveils hidden dimensions of our being but also propels their growth and evolution.

This week, as I reflected on this creative journey, I’ve found myself marveling at the newfound depths I’ve embraced along the way. While my artist nature and writer spirit have long been companions, embarking on this venture demanded a wholehearted belief in my own capabilities, a new level of trust in my innate wisdom and talent, and a relentless commitment to inspired action. It’s been a journey of both self-discovery and self-love – a testament to the complex interplay between our dreams and our true nature.

As we navigate the creative terrain, we not only give life to our aspirations but also embrace our true essence with each step. It’s beautiful, the more we embrace our dreams, the more we embrace ourselves.

In the most recent episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space podcast I sink into deeper conversation about this. Listen in Here:


Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!

with love, Lori

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