“Look for what is right and create more of that.”

This is just such a powerful phrase. (one shared with me many times by my dear friend and colleague, Melissa)

“Look for what is right and create more of that.”

So often we get wrapped into worries, fears, doubts, and insecurities around what is not working or what is not ‘going right’ that we begin to see this as a ‘safe’ place.

Expressing and sharing our worries, doubts, and fears becomes the ‘safe’ place in conversation, the ‘safe’ place in the ways we see ourselves, and it is the ‘safe’ place we cling to as we stand on the precipice of a leap.

Now there is definitely a time to express these facets of our experience, and it is such a gift to sink into sacred conversation with a friend, family member, or loved one who can hold space as voice is brought to what we have been struggling with.

But when we begin to create more awareness around this ‘safe’ place while also welcoming crystal clear awareness around what is already right and amazing in our lives, magic happens.

In my final year as an occupational therapist, we kicked off the year with a talk by Dewitt Jones where he extended the invitation to ‘celebrate what’s right with the world.’

This talk shaped my life and my work in so many ways and even still there are times when I find myself descending into the trenches of old pain and getting stuck in what is wrong. This is part of being human . . . the opportunity to know and experience a full spectrum of emotions. What a cool thing?!

The thing that always seems to pull me out is shifting my gaze, just a bit, so that it lands upon something that is already right.

When I begin to recognize something that is already right, a sense of hope emerges alongside the courage to do a bit of healing and grow.

For today, I want to invite you to do this as well.

There is always something right if we just simply shift our lens of perspective and see the moment, the situation, or the experience just a little bit differently.

As we recognize what is right, we step through a sacred passage into what is possible. We heal. We grow. We change. We transform. We open our hearts to what is next . . . and what is next is just waiting to be born.

Yes, as we find what is right, we begin to create more of that.

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast, we sink deeper into this conversation. I invite you to listen in here:

with love and crystals, Lori

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