A crystal clear vision begins with reflection…taking the time to celebrate what went well and honor what maybe did not go to plan or what was challenging.

Over the past several weeks I have taken a deep dive, reflective journey, exploring both the highlights and lowlights of 2014 and clarifying my vision and intentions for 2015.

The winter season is a powerful time for taking such a deep dive. The cooler weather invites us within, not just within our homes, but into our inner self to explore the sacred depths of our soul. We each experience this differently. I find that I feel more introverted and I crave a sense of stillness . . . so diving into deep reflection feels natural.

This is a powerful time to quiet our mind and listen to the wisdom of our soul.  Below I share with you my 2014 reflections, and I invite you to do this at home as well . . . 6 simple steps.

  1. Make this a ritual. Set aside a sacred time just for you. Light a candle. Burn some incense. Make a special cup of tea. Or begin a new journal.
  2. Begin writing down what happened. Separate your thoughts into two categories: Highlights and Lowlights. (I like to write them on separate pieces of paper and then at the first new moon of the year I offer them to the fire in a fire ceremony)
  3. As you write, you will likely begin to get ideas for 2015 . . . as we clear our mind of what has been we literally create space for what is possible. Write down every possibility (again use a separate piece of paper). Do not censor these ideas . . . just collect them. Have fun!
  4. Re-read your notes from this past year, is there any healing that needs to occur before you can fully move forward with vision for 2015? Take an opportunity to do that.
  5. Give each piece of paper (highlights, lowlights, and vision) a sacred space. I like to add them to my altar where I place a crystal upon them reflecting the journey I’ve taken and the journey I am about to take.
  6. Let this simply be a time of reflection. So often we get an idea and want to take action . . . but winter is truly a season for nurturing within, listening, and strengthening the vision. Let your visions begin to take root in your soul . . . nourish them, love them, welcome them, celebrate them!

Beauty in Everything - helen keller

Here are some of my 2014 highlights….

1. Crystal Immersion Retreat…

I just love retreats…the time away to recharge, the opportunity for a dive deep into a journey of transformation, the chance to connect with others on a similar path, and the renewed connection with self. In 2014 I hosted the first Crystal Immersion Retreat in Tucson, Arizona during the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It was amazing on all levels!

Crystal Immersion Retreat


2. Meeting Wayne Dyer…

Wayne Dyer is one of the first spiritual authors and speakers that I came across when I began my spiritual journey over a decade ago. He (and his work) has touched my life in many ways. In May I attended the Hay House Writer’s Workshop in Florida where Wayne was presenting. I really wanted an opportunity to just ‘bump into him in the hallway’ and that is exactly what happened. As I returned from lunch on the last day I stepped off the escalator only to ‘bump into Wayne Dyer in the hallway.’ He was so gracious to pause for a quick hello and a photo.

Wayne Dyer


3. The Sacred Practices for Sacred Living Interview Series

It was an incredible blessing and joy to interview sacred friends and colleagues about how they bring sacred practice into their daily life.



5. Ceremony, Ritual, and other Sacred Practices…

In 2014 I explored many ways of bringing the sacred into my everyday life . . . one of the many reasons I offered the Sacred Practices for Sacred Living Interview series. I was curious, very curious about how sacred practice would impact my life and support me in breathing life into my vision. All I can say is AMAZING! . . . on every level!


6. Travel, Travel, and more Travel…

There is just something amazing that happens when experiencing different landscapes . . . feeling the earth in different climates . . . discovering how each landscape and climate nourishes, cleanses, and refreshes. I have long desired to bring more sacred travel into my work. This year that is exactly what happened. I drove solo across country and then road tripped to California with my husband and dog, Pele. Over the past year I visited 25 states, met up with many amazing people, and fully enjoyed the beauty of this sacred earth!

Chris & I in the Fern Canyon - Redwood National Park

Chris & I in the Fern Canyon – Redwood National Park

7. Blooming Plumeria

10 years ago, on our honeymoon, Chris and I purchased a plumeria plant. It is one of my favorite flowers, but for 10 years it simply grew and grew, without flowering . . . until May of 2014 that is. The timing of its bloom was significant to us on many levels, but mostly because in this past year we really discovered a sweet spot in life, in our relationship, and within our work.


8. Time with Sacred Sisters...

One of the great things about the internet is the opportunity to meet and connect with soul family all over the world. Over the past several years I have come to know many amazing ladies and this year, with all of my travels, I had an opportunity to meet in person with many of them . . . Thank you to each of the ladies pictured here, and to the many others who I both got to see and those who I missed . . . I love each of you!Soul Sisters


9. Taking the Stage at the 2014 Presence : Summit…

This was huge, on so many levels, but mostly because this is the first time I was on a stage since college (yes, I did a bit of acting in college) and instead of sharing well recited lines I was sharing my own ideas and beliefs to an audience of 100 amazing women.

Taking the Stage at the Presence : Summit
Presence : Summit


10. The Priestess Pathway® Program

Last winter, when in California (on my spiritual deep dive), I dove deep into what it means to me to be a priestess. As this week comes to a close, so does the final week of the Priestess Pathway® Program . . . 10 AMAZING and INSPIRING woman have taken this transformational journey and it has been the deepest honor to be both facilitator for their journey and sacred witness to their transformation. Watch for the next session in Fall of 2015 . . . http://www.priestesspathway.com

Priestess Pathway BannerFinal



2014 lowlights and greatest teachings . . . 

1. I was simply exhausted…

By the time the holiday season rolled around. I worked very hard this past year and really brought a lot of my dreams and ideas to life . . . but at the same time I neglected my physical body. As the year went on I spent less and less time active, my diet became a mess and I was simply exhausted. I needed to spend the entire month of December taking downtime, nourishing myself on all levels; mind, body, and spirit. As I look into this year, I see just how important it is to keep those pieces at the forefront of my daily life . . . salt baths, healthy foods, massage, energy session, acupuncture, and other body work.

2. My weekly newsletter…

I think this was one of my greatest challenges and disappointments in 2014. In December I found it more and more difficult to get out my newsletter. There was a lot to talk about, many ways to offer support, insight, and inspiration, but there was a piece of clarity I just struggled to find. As I was taking time to just go within and reflect, this became one of my priorities . . . I asked myself a lot of questions about it and I have found a lot of clarity. I am truly excited by the vision that unfolded and I am looking forward to sharing this with you in the upcoming year.

3. Journey Jewels…

Oh my, my sacred creations really took a back seat in my 2014 journey and this really saddened me. I love creating jewelry . . . I love how a simple piece of jewelry can create complete transformation. As we move into 2015 I see a new way they will be a part of my life and my business . . . and I look forward to sharing this with you!

I would LOVE to hear what you discover in your reflection . . . I invite you to share below what you are celebrating, what was your greatest teaching, and what visions are emerging.

with love,
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