Am I fully living my passion?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately . . . in both my personal life and within my business. Answering a whole-hearted yes to that question is important to me, and being a multi-passionate person I find that the way I fully live my passion is something that continues to evolve. Perhaps you can relate or maybe you have been asking yourself similar questions.

When we are ready for a change or are no longer fully living our passion we can feel restless or even bored with activities that were once deeply fulfilling. As we evolve so does our vision. The Spring Equinox is a time that invites us to bring awareness to the visions we are bringing to life. Often, if we tune in, we are ready to bring life to a new expression of ourselves.

In nature we begin to see how Mother Earth has evolved over the past year . . . we can see what needs a little extra tlc and what needs to be trimmed back. If we are willing to do a little reflection, we can discover how we too have evolved over the past year. We can clarify what needs a little extra love and what needs to be trimmed back. As we do this, there is a natural, internal readiness to birth a new expression of self . . . one that reflects who we have come to know ourselves to be during the winter journey inward.

This Spring Equinox is an especially powerful one as it is accompanied by a New Moon, a Super Moon, and a Full Solar Eclipse! Wow! The Spring Equinox and the New Moon marks a time of new beginnings. A Super Moon makes an event feel larger than life and Full Solar Eclipse amplifies all of the energetic happenings in the sky . . . so for those of you who feel, honor, or follow such cycles, tomorrow (March 20th) is a larger than life point of new beginnings!

We have an opportunity to harness the momentum of this natural event and allow it to support us in living our deepest passion. In order to do so, we need to become crystal clear about what that is. We need to connect to the part of ourself that is ready to emerge and be wholly expressed within our life.

There are many ways to do this, but my favorite way is through ceremony. I created just for this Spring Equinox + New Moon + Super Moon + Full Solar Eclipse. Be sure to read through thoroughly before beginning.

I wish you many blessings on this sacred day!

Preparing for your ceremony

  1. Schedule a time. The Equinox is on March 20th. Typically the day before, day of, or day after are optimal days for connecting with the equinox momentum.
  2. Create your intention / take time for reflection. Take out a piece of paper and divide it into 3 sections.
    – In the first section list all of the things that are working and/or going well in your life.
    – In the second section list what is not working. For each item that shows up on this list ask yourself if you are willing to invest more effort in it or if it is time to let it go. Follow through and honor your answer. It will give you freedom to embrace the next step.
    – In the third section write what you are dreaming about. As you write this section, begin to clarify the expression that is ready to emerge and be wholly expressed in your life. For example: If you are dreaming of taking a road trip across country, there is likely a part of your soul that desires adventure and pioneering experiences. The adventurer may be the expression of you that is ready to emerge.
    – Re-read your reflection and clearly identify the expression that is ready to emerge. Describe her. Get to know her. You will be inviting this part of you to bloom in your life in your ceremony.
  3. Gather your materials. The items that you choose to include in your bundle need to be healthy for Mother Earth (you will be burning, burying, or placing your prayer bundle in a body of water) and they also need to symbolize the energy of fueling you towards what you desire to bloom in your life. A great way to think about this is to ask yourself what natural foods provide my body with optimal nourishment?…think oils/fats, proteins, fiber, and carbs.Here is a basic list:
    – Blank piece of paper or tissue paper.
    – String to tie when complete.
    – Grains such as rice or quinoa.
    – Sugar.
    – Nuts.
    – Seeds.
    – Incense.
    – Something to represent the masculine and feminine.
    – Dry legumes.
    – Candies such as chocolate, gummies, animal crackers.
    – Fresh Flowers.

Creating Your Ceremony

1. Create Sacred Space. You can find a prayer for creating sacred space here:

open sacred space

Connecting with Mother Earth while saying a prayer to open sacred space.

2. Fold your paper into quarters. This helps with organizing your space. You will want to place your offerings at the center of the paper.


3. Burn some incense. Incense sets a mood. It invites us deeper into a meditative state, deepening our connection with the Divine.

Frankincense Resin

My favorite ceremonial incense is Frankincense resin.

4. Begin to place each of your items on your paper. Stay close to the center. Begin with the items that represent nourishment, then add something to represent the masculine + feminine, next the candies, then other items to represent your intention, and finally your flowers.As you place each item, use your breath to blow your intentions into each item. Arrange in a way that feels sacred, organized, and makes sense to you . . . no two prayer bundles should ever look alike. Each one is as unique as you, let it reflect your uniqueness!


My completed prayer bundle

My friend Angie's despacho

My friend Angie’s despacho

5. Fold closed the paper around your prayer bundle. Do not turn over or tip on the side to fold your paper. Think of this as a representation of how you desire to organize your world, you want it to maintain that organization as best you can while folding your paper to wrap it. Then tie it with a ribbon. (I added flowers outside as well)


I tied my bundle with a plastic ribbon that I will remove before offering my bundle to Lake Michigan.


I did this ceremony in my ceremonial garden with my friend Angie . . . it was a wonderful soul sister time.

6. Offer your prayer bundle to Mother Earth through a ceremonial fire, offering it to a body of water, or burying it. It is really important to make sure each of your prayer bundle items are burnable or will naturally break down.

despacho at Lake Michigan

I brought my bundle to Lake Michigan and took my string off before placing it in the water.


There it is, in the water.

I would love to hear what part of yourself is emerging this Spring and I would love to hear how your ceremony unfolds. Please share in the comments section below.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring Equinox!
Shine Brightly!
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