After nearly 3 weeks on the road I am home, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for about 10 days before embarking in the next leg of this adventure.

Tucson was an absolutely incredible experience.  I met so many amazing people, met up with old friends, new friends, and family.  I was both stretched and held in the desert and in the mountains.  And I courageously stepped into a long held dream.

Yes, these past weeks have been incredible for me.

I have long fantasized about taking a journey like the one I am taking this winter….and for so long it felt distant, far off, and even at times an ‘unspoken’ dream.  I didn’t dare give it voice because my head thought it was impossible, selfish, and that it simply did not fit my life.

But what I have learned (through my own experience and witnessing transformation in others) is that when we find courage to give voice to our greatest ideas and visions, that is when they actually begin to happen.

Words carry powerful energy…we see it in so many ways every day.  Imagine the power your voice and words give to your vision.  When those words flow with love, clarity, and pure heart centered joy…Magic Happens!

For many of us…my self included…the ability to give voice to our dearest, most heart felt desires means that we need to take a healing journey…one that will help us break free of the old stories and beliefs that kept us small, stuck, and in not only uncomfortable, but unhealthy patterns.  Often those old stories and patterns are things that we strongly reject, parts of ourselves that we desperately try to pretend are not here…but it was only when we learned to wholly receive those parts and lovingly listen to why they are here that we are able to be free of how they were once the driving force of our lives.

For me, this trip was only able to come together because I was willing to take that healing journey.  It is a reflection of the long, deep, inner journey I have taken to fully and wholly receive all of who I am.  It is a reflection of what it has taken me to finally land in my own truth in such a way that I am able to honor it in every corner of my life.  And this trip was an expression of the true inner freedom I feel.

This week I would love to share with you my top 9 travel highlights…

driving cross country

1.  This journey began with a three day, 2000 mile solo drive from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Tucson, Arizona…yes, I said ‘solo’ 🙂  

I just love road trips…the quite time alone, a great playlist that repeats over and over creates space for an incredible flow of inspiration.  The photo to the right was a Monday morning sunrise at a rest area in Iowa…that day I drove from Iowa to New Mexico trying to slip between two big midwest winter storms…I made it smoothly.  

stone formations

2.  Sacred Stone Creations….

I just love spotting stone creations…whether created for fun, play, or as a sacred practice I find them so interesting.  Stones have a story to share and when they come together in a creation something magical happens.  I came across this combination in southern New Mexico while taking a little hike break.


San Xavier Mission

3.  San Xavier Mission…

This is one of my favorite and often first stops when I arrive in Tucson…the place I pause to reflect and light a candle as I set my intention for my journey.  This church is exquisite…painted floor to ceiling and beautiful wood carved altars and so many places to pause and reflect.


Medicine Bundles

4.  Creating Crystal Medicine Bundles…

Oh this was so much fun.  I was in complete awe of how each bundle came together from stones to messages…it was such a joy to be fully present with each person, each stone, and the messages and combinations that wanted to come together.  Thank you to everyone who gave me both the opportunity and the honor to create a bundle for you!


Shopping amethyst with grandma

5.  Amethyst, Amethyst, and more Amethyst…

Oh my goodness…this year I felt like I was shopping in an Amethyst heaven.  This is such a special stone for me.  As a little girl, my grandparents visited an amethyst mine in Canada…and they returned with huge geodes that they kept in their yard…a magical, woodsy spot where I loved to pick spring flowers.  It feels so fitting that I would see so many pieces this year shortly after my grandpa died…and it feels even more fitting that I would have the opportunity to shop amethyst in Tucson with grandma on her 91st birthday.  It was pretty special for me.

Crystal Immersion Retreat6.  The Crystal Immersion Retreat…

Oh this was sooo much fun and so wildly transformational on so many levels.  We hiked, shopped stones, created sacred jewelry, journeyed, journeyed some more, listened to the messages of our stones, activated our path, powerfully stepped in during ceremony, and returned home ready to fully live the path that has opened during our 5 days together.  From the deepest place in my heart…Thank You to each of you ladies!  What an amazing journey we had together!!!

7.  Meeting up with family, friends, and colleagues for coffee, hikes and awesome conversations…

This years visit to Tucson was filled with opportunities to connect with people I have come to know and love from all different places and phases of life.  There are so many pictures I could share here…as there seems to be nearly one for each of you…but you know you are and I would like to express a very special thank you for taking this opportunity to connect.  It meant so much!

resting on the Tucson trail8.  Amazing hikes…

Oh my Tucson has some incredible trails.   I’m truly a mountain girl at heart…and an opportunity to hike in the mountains is one of the greatest gifts.

One of this years highlights was walking through Sabino Canyon on full moon with my friend ReNae and her husband Harald.  Watching the moon rise over the mountains and illuminate the canyon floor was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  The moonlight was so bright it actually cast shadows.

9.  Interviews from the road…

I know, this may sound silly…but I’ve long fantasized about what running my business on the road would be like…working in coffee shops, doing quick interviews between stops, and even shipping jewelry while on the road.  On this three week journey I had an opportunity to do each of those things…at times it was a little more tricky than others…but ultimately it was pretty amazing to experience.  I even got to slip in two interviews with my friend MagicBrad.  Here is one of them (eek that’s kind of a scary screenshot…haha)

I’m wishing you a wonderful week of living your dreams!
with chrysocolla joy,

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