What a week. Last week, about this time, I sent an email notifying you that the admin for my FB Business page had been compromised. Today, I am happy to share that this has been resolved as of yesterday. Yay! (heads up, even though this is resolved, the page name will reflect ‘Interesting World until late May. The FB name change policy limits changes to every 60 days).

This experience took me on a deep dive, which felt much like a soul retrieval, gathering together all the parts of myself that had become fragmented over the years.

The central message I received: All of You is Needed Now!

This resonates as a deep truth, and I believe this is a message for all of us right now. As we move through a time of shifting consciousness, we need to embrace every facet of ourselves. I’m working on a special podcast episode to delve deeper into this topic, so stay tuned.

For today, I would like to share a special conversation I had yesterday with my dear friend and colleague, Toni Bergins. Toni is the founder of JourneyDance. We met many years ago at the Midwest Yoga Festival. It was my first booth event with Journey Jewels jewelry, and as you can imagine, we immediately connected over our names. 🙂

In this conversation, we talk about the Journey, delving into the Stones Speak Oracle, the power of working with crystals and stones, travel, sacred earth, and so much more.

This conversation was filled with vibrant energy and was just so much fun.

You can enjoy this episode here:

Sending lots of love your way.

with joy, Lori

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