My studio is literally buzzing this week!  It is filled with excitement as I’ve begun packing my gemstone beads to travel with me for the Crystal Immersion Retreat.  It’s been interesting trying to figure out how to get drawers of crystals into a suitcase…but it’s working and they are enthusiatically coming together in a new arrangement.

For me, activities such as organizing, create a stilness within that invites inspiration…and this week has been full of inspiration and ideas.  One of the areas that my mind kept coming back to was the dynamic energy of this year and what is being asked of each of us to make this year AMAZING!

It truly is the year to deepen your relationship with the Divine…to create a relationship of deep trust.  It is through this relationship that you will source your most empowered actions and in turn bring your vision for 2014 to life.

This is the pathway we will be journeying during the Crystal Immersion Retreat…diving deep into sacred practices and clearing our channel to deepen our connection with the Divine.  And it is going to be soooo much fun!

Join me for this sacred journey into the world of crystals and stones…

wishing you a joy-filled week!