Let’s get rooted!

This topic has been in my heart for the past couple weeks . . . especially as we, in the US, inaugurated a new president. Lots of changes. Lots of uproar. And Lots of uprooting of what many of us perceived to be the very foundation of our lives and of our country.

In many ways this feels like a point of complete turning over.

Right now many of us are experiencing some level of the chaos that ensues such drastic and unexpected changes. We are experiencing emotions that may feel unfamiliar. We are struggling to understand and at the same time finding ourselves not only called into a whole new level of action, but also taking action that may have been previously uncharacteristic; action inspired by the deepest parts of ourself. Many of us are feeling some part of self has awakened in this process and we are saying “I will not go back to sleep. I will no longer remain silent.” Yet at the same time we wonder ‘how?’.

During this time I have been finding myself called to work with my roots and turning to my favorite root chakra jewels.

The messages that seem to be pouring forward are that now is a time for each of us to rise. Now is a time to let go of any fear, resistance, and untruth that previously interfered with our willingness to stand in what we know to be true and what we believe at the deepest levels of our soul . . . our deepest truths.

These deep truths live in our roots.

Being deeply rooted is something I talk about A LOT. Our roots are important. They create a solid foundation for our lives and create support so that we may grow and expand in all areas of our lives. They attune us to the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth. And they create a clear sense of personal knowing.

During times in our lives when our foundation has been shaken and we feel uprooted, we have an  opportunity to re-examine who we have known ourselves to be, what we have stood for, and what we truly stand for.

For many of us this means identifying ways of being that are out-dated or no longer match who we know ourselves to be. These are often ways of being that well suited previous generations, but no longer hold true as our consciousness evolves. It may mean coming face to face with uncomfortable emotions. And we may even find ourselves shifting where (and with whom) we spend our time and energy.

We move through such changes in our most empowered ways when we welcome and receive support. And guess what, the jewels are soooooo excited to support us!

4 Jewels to Support You in Strengthening Your Roots . . .

Let's Get Grounded - Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper activates our root chakra by grounding us deep within the belly of Mother Earth. As our roots grow deep we begin to feel her heartbeat, rhythm, and pulse through our roots. This is the universal rhythm, the rhythm of life. It is soothing to emotions by supporting us in allowing them to gently flow and be processed.





Garnets are incredibly powerful and they are pretty easy to get our hands on. For years, nearly every piece of jewelry I created had garnets worked into it.

Garnet invites us to connect with Mother Earth in such a way that we feel her pulse, her heartbeat, her rhythms, and her cycles. As we attune to these sensations, we begin moving with the universal rhythm, the rhythm of life. This rhythm awakens our deepest passions, our ability to bring our passions to life, and a deep knowing that we have the freedom to do so.



Smoky QuartzSmoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an incredible ally for stepping back and seeing the big picture of our life journey, the ups and downs and how our journey has shaped who we are and where we are going. As that big picture is revealed, we are guided to honor where we have been and to create space for where we are going. Smoky quartz strengthens our roots in such a way that we are able to find the courage to face our fears and take a leap of faith into the unknown.





Ruby - Lori A Andrus


Ruby connects us deeply with the very core of who we are. It knows that the key to living in alignment with our sacred path is being deeply rooted in who we are . . . and ruby supports us in doing just that.

Ruby will renew our life force energy, our sense of adventure, our inner strength, and our joy and passion for life by activating the purest vibration of our root chakra. This nourishes and illuminates the deepest parts of self bringing us into alignment with our most powerful sources of prosperity and connecting us with our sacred community.


Ok . . . one more jewel wanted to be added in the mix . . .

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz creates deep connections within Mother Earth and with the Divine. It creates pathways of light that help us to root deeply into Mother Earth while expanding our energy like a tower of light to the heavens. Our roots support us in processing and clearing heavy, toxic environmental energies. Through this clearing we become a clear channel for Divine energy which guides us in confidently taking our next best steps on our sacred path.




I’d love to hear . . . what are some of your favorite jewels for getting deeply rooted? Share in the comments below.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Shine Brightly!