I fell in love with stones as a little girl combing the beach for treasures. Every stone felt like my friend. I could remember exactly where I picked it up and each one had it’s own story.

This childhood experience opened a doorway into the realm of cyrstals and stones. And since that time I have come to recognize the powerful allies that they are (it’s one of the reasons I create and wear gemstone jewelry).

Amazing things happen when we align with our perfect combination of crystals and stones . . . things that are often beyond logic and completely life changing.

Perhaps you too have a story to share . . . a crystal experience that left you knowing there was so much more happening with that pretty little jewel than it simply being a beautiful adornment or addition to your altar? . . . and you have likely wondered how you can deepen that connection.

There are so many wonderful pathways for working with crystals and stones. When I was asking these questions I took to the books, took a crystal healing class, and came up feeling empty. I was surprised when I found my answers in shamanic practice . . . yet it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have discovered that by working with practices such as shamanic journeying and reflection rituals to clarify our personal intentions, our crystal allies are pretty eager to reveal themselves . . . to come together to support us in the next steps on our path.

You may be wondering how to select your perfect crystals and then once you’ve found them, what to do next? These are great questions! . . . and I would LOVE invite you to join me for a free 3-part webcast series called ACTIVATE YOUR CRYSTAL CONNECTION where I will be guiding you in ancient shamanic practices to . . . 

  • Select your perfect crystals and stones for your life path right now.
  • Open the portal to connect with the crystal and stone realms.
  • Activate your crystal with a personal and empowering intention.
  • Create a sacred medicine object, altar, or other creation with your selected stones.
  • Receive messages, from your crystal, that offer clarity about your life path.

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I look forward to connecting with you for this immersive crystal experience!

Shine Brightly,

Activate Your Crystal Connection