LarimarI’ve loved this stone for a long time…a really long time. But for one reason or another (despite having many pieces of it) I’ve never really worn it. Something just did not connect for me when I saw it against my skin. It felt so vibrant and alive in a way that I just didn’t. That disappointed me…but when it comes to stones I don’t really ask questions…I know they have a behind the scenes plan, and when it’s time for me to connect with a stone, it will let me know.

That is exactly what happened this week.  The sweet little Larimar, sitting on my alter, just kept catching my attention…so I made a little date with it and found it was ready to share a lot with me.

Stones are interesting when it comes to sharing information.  They love to connect on 2 levels…the first is deeply personal and the second is with regards to the collective.

Here is a little background, general information about Larimar:  “it is a rare and exotic new gemstone found in a single geographic location in the world – inside the crate of one extinct volcano in the Sierra Bahoruco mountain range on the island of Dominican Republic.” – courtesy of Larimar Dominican Gems

Here is what this piece of Larimar had to say:

“The key to true joy lays in the depths of the ocean of your soul.  I will teach you to swim its waters with love and playfulness.”

“I know the journeys you have taken.  I know your joys and I know your sadness.  I’ve swam in the sea of your tears.  Remember, all waters are connected.  Every stream flows into a river, every river into a greater body of water.  What evaporates becomes rain and continues the cycle again.  Every tear you shed flows with that cycle.  It adds to the collective waters, to the natural rhythms of life.  Dive deep into their waters.  Be purified and cleansed.  Release all that holds you back from living the joyful, creative, expansive, and connected life you desire.”

“Now is the time to nourish your body with pure waters as they will purify your body.  Cleansing must happen on all levels.  As you heal your physical self you must also heal your emotional self…and as you heal your emotional self you must heal your physical self as well.  Nourish your body with clean, healthy, living foods.  The clearer you become, the more aligned you will become with your divine destiny.”

“Allow your cleansing to be joyful, playful and creative.  What fresh foods invoke feelings of playfulness, creativity and joy?  Explore, have fun and laugh with your discovery.”

“Yes, we are often referred to as the ‘dolphin stone’ because we too know what it is to dance in the reflections of light under water.  We’ve felt the rhythms of the tides.  We guide you in connecting to your sacred feminine self…honoring and celebrating all of your cycles and rhythms.”

“Just as we know the waters and their rhythms, we’ve also felt the fires of transformation.  We hold the balance of these polarities and guide you in experiencing that in your life.”

This message felt so perfect for me.  I’ve been exploring different elements and aspects of cleansing my physical body just as I’ve cleansed my emotional body over the past several years.  It’s been interesting because changes to my diet often feel rigid and that is difficult for me to sustain.  Lori A Andrus creating a Larimar necklace in her studioI could really feel the power of adding playfulness to such changes as absolutely essential…I felt it throughout my body as that message came through.  Lori A Andrus creating a Larimar necklace

It is time for me to fully embrace this beautiful stone and create a piece of jewelry that will support me in cleansing and purifying both my physical and emotional self.  So I took a little journey with my Larimar stone and we spent a little studio time.  It guided me in selecting complimentary stones…Hessonite, Aquamarine, Freshwater Pearls, and Blue Topaz.  A very watery, yet grounded combination.  And then how to create a piece that really matches its playful and purifying essence.

I’m thrilled with the finished piece…and it feels amazing to wear.  I feel light and playful…like a dolphin playing in a jeweled underwater cove.  Wearing it, I feel like I’m drifting in the ocean waters allowing the salts to purify every cell of my body…mmmm…it is heavenly.

Here are some pictures of the final piece. Larimar Necklace

If this combination is one that you feel particularly moved by and/or connected with, please contact me.  Price: $228

If this is the piece for you…I’d love to connect you with it.  email me at

Have a beautiful weekend!

With the playful dolphin bubbles of Larimar,


Larimar Oracle