Kyanite Blades

Today’s stone of the day is Kyanite!  I just love this stone.  It is an amazing stone for journeying through the worlds, connecting with Divine Inspiration, grounding your inspiration, and planting the seeds of your dreams.  It is also one of the 2 stones that never needs to be cleared (the other being Citrine)…and it has a really special quality…Kyanite will re-set the balance of your Chakras when held over each one individually.


Give it a try:

You’ll need a pendulum (don’t have a pendulum?…use a pendant necklace that you wear frequently), a piece of Kyanite, a pen & paper to record, and a friend.

1.  Check the direction of the spin of each of your chakras with you pendulum.  This is where you will need a partner.  One of you will lay down and the other will scan each of the Chakras using the pendulum.

Pendulum over Chakra

To measure the direction of the Chakra spin you simply hold the end of the pendulum over the body about 1-3″ in the well of the Chakra.

The energy of the Chakra will begin to move the pendulum in a direction.  Simply notice the direction…clock wise, counter clock wise, circular, flower shaped, side to side, etc.  Be sure to write down the direction for each Chakra.

2.  Hold your piece of Kyanite over each Chakra for a couple seconds.

3.  Use your pendulum to re-check each of your Chakras.  Notice if the direction of the Chakra’s spin has changed.  Write down the changes.  Typically you will find the pendulum will spin in a more clock wise direction.  Also, notice how you feel afterwards…do you feel differently?  How so?

Stone of the Day: KyaniteI’d love to hear how this goes for you…share your experience in the comments section below.