Over the weekend we had some pretty intense storms roll through the area . . . the kind that had us hanging out in the basement as rain pounded, winds howled, tornado sirens echoed, and our phones chimed with weather notices.

Yep, these storms were intense.

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced storms such as this.

They moved through leaving a trail of debris, damage, and power outages.

Yesterday, as I walked through my neighborhood, my heart sank as I realized just how destructive this storm was, but I also saw something really special.

I saw people coming together, working together toward a common goal (clean up). Everything was a bustle. A typically quiet Sunday morning was filled with lively activity. Neighbors leaning in and helping each other. Family members showing up for clean up. Spontaneous conversations. And so much more.

Of course this energy of coming together towards a common goal is one that we are all familiar with. It happens a lot throughout life for many different reasons.

But what I noticed yesterday, was people coming together to not only clean up, but to connect, to laugh, to cry, and to support each other.

All too often we feel alone in our emotions, alone in our situation, and alone in our challenges.
All too often, we assume others may not understand or fear that they may judge us or leave us even more alone.
And, all too often we hide what we are feeling and we feel like we need to take care of it or fix our problems ourselves.

But the reality is, the need to fix things ourselves is an old collective story, one that really is not serving our culture anymore.

Perhaps you can recognize ways this old story is playing out in your life, for your family, or within your community. And perhaps you’re recognizing that now is a time for us to come together, heart to heart. To be present. To listen. To hold space. To heal. To grow. To rise. Together.

As I was present with the events of this weekend and how this old story is living in my own life, I couldn’t help but notice how this was also the theme for the July crystal altar of the month. This beautiful combination of Kambaba Jasper, Moonstone, and Pyrite invites us to explore how we can soften, how we can welcome the support in moving towards our goals, dreams, and highest vision.

In this week’s Crystal Shaman Life podcast, I share the crystal messages from this altar. What the crystals had to say surprised me and touched me on a deep level. Listen in.

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