Hello, my sacred friend!


I’m excited to dive into this process with you.

Here’s a quick reminder about how this works . . .

Step 1 (You already did this . . . yay!) – Decide what type of piece you would like + place your order.

Step 2 – Set a Crystal Clear Intention
DOWNLOAD YOUR INTENTION SETTING RITUAL HERE – Personalized Jewels Intention Setting Ritual
Then, make a cup of tea. Light a candle. Get cozy. And sink into your heart’s crystal clarity for setting your intention.
Once you have set your intention, email me a copy of your entire intention setting ritual. Send the email to lori@loriaandrus.com

Step 3 – I’ll Create Your Adornment
As I read through, and tune into your intention, I will track the crystals that will best support you on your path right now. Also, there is a space for you to share your design and color preferences . . . I invite you to share that with me when messaging me with your intention. Creation time typically takes 1 – 2 weeks.
***If you would like to see your finished jewels before I ship them, let me know. Often people prefer the surprise, but I’m cool if you prefer to see them first.

Step 4 – Sharing Your Crystal Messages
After your new adornment is complete I will create a short video for you with a personalized message from the crystals and then ship your jewels. You will be emailed once they have shipped and you will receive a private link for your video.

Step 5 – Receive your jewels. Listen to your personalized message. Adorn, Enjoy the magic that unfolds, and Share with your friends.

I look forward to hearing your intention and creating a piece that will support you at this time on your path!

much love,


Feel like you have a question? Email Lori at lori@loriaandrus.com

Want to have me craft a one of a kind sacred medicine object such as shaman staff, a head-piece, or a talking stick? Or would you like a deep dive experience with me? Learn more here: https://loriaandrus.com//personalizedjewelry/