Yes, I know, from every logical perspective this probably sounds ridiculous, but it is true: I went to shaman school because I wanted to be an artist.

Sometimes the path we take to get where we want to be is not always the obvious path and I’m sure you have also come to know (and experience) that intuitive guidance is not always logical.

Being an artist is a dream I dismissed when it came time to go to college and pick a career. But I also never let that dream go. In fact it is the very first thing I wrote in my journal upon graduating college “Someday I want to be an artist.” My heart broke as I wrote those words and silently placed my journal on a shelf and at the same time I committed to myself: someday.

Years later I began exploring Reiki. It was helping me with some health issues and I thought it would be a great tool to integrate into my practice as an occupational therapist. And it was . . . But it also snuck in a surprise gift (you know, the unexpected connection that makes us spiritually minded people step back in awe of the greater plan that’s playing out) . . . it reconnected me with my art.

I started painting and creating jewelry again and surprise, both my style and technique changed. And then I learned about shamanism. I remember thinking if this is what happens when learning Reiki I wonder what will happen if I study shamanism?

So yes, that is what I did. And studying shamanism completely ‘rocked my world’. I started using practices such as shamanic journeying to connect with the crystal realms and then they started guiding me in new combinations of stones, new designs, and new techniques. It was WILD and everything began shifting in my life and my business.

I took a very winding path to deepen my connection with the crystals, to trust my guidance, and to unlock the doorways into the creative realms where the crystals guided me . . . but that winding path does not have to be so windy.

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