As I write this message I’m watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.  It feels a bit surreal as only ten days ago I was watching it set over the Pacific.

There was a time when I dreamed about weaving travel and my business together.  I dreamed about experiencing different places, people and ways of being, and I dreamed about how those experiences would impact my own way of being.  I remember a time when the type of travel I have been doing for the past 3 months felt like a distant dream that I didn’t know how to live.


Bringing our dreams and visions into reality takes courage.  For me it requires the courage to dive deep into my inner worlds and explore the beliefs and stories around why I’ve been previously unable to say yes to my souls vision.  I call this inner exploration a journey of discovery.

There are so many fantastic tools to support us on our journey of discovery and yesterday, while at a writer’s workshop with Wayne Dyer (by the way, he’s my favorite author and speaker and has deeply inspired my life) I learned a new tool for discovery called ‘I remember’.  I share it in this weeks video:

I would love to hear where this discovery tool leads you!  I invite you to share in the comments section below.

with garnets of passion,